Justin Bieber Steps Out Wearing Tour Merch After Canceling Tour

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Was it laundry day, Justin Bieber?

The 23-year-old singer angered many fans when he abruptly canceled the remainder of his Purpose world tour last week. A tour rep attributed the cancellations to “unforeseen circumstances.” A source told E! News Bieber is “burnt out” from his constant touring. His manager Scooter Braun said, “We are sorry…But a man’s soul and well-being I truly care about came first and we must all respect and honor that.”

On Saturday, the day Bieber was supposed to perform in Arlington, Texas, he was spotted at the celebrity-favorite sushi restaurant Nobu in Malibu, wearing yellow Purpose tour shorts and a black T-shirt.

Justin Bieber


In a video posted on TMZ last week, a paparazzo talked to Bieber near the beach in Santa Monica, California about his tour cancellation.

“Is everything okay?” the photographers asked.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” Bieber replied. “

“Just have enough of being on the road?” the photographer asked.

“I’ve been on tour for two years,” Bieber said, adding that he is looking forward to “resting” and “getting some relaxation.”

“We’re gonna ride some bikes,” he added.

The singer also offered an apology to his fans.

“I love you guys, I think you guys are awesome,” he said. “Sorry for anybody who feels like, disappointed or betrayed.”

Bieber has had a rough week in general. News of his tour cancellation came days after it was revealed China had banned the singer from performing in the country, saying, “it is not suitable to bring in badly behaved entertainers.”

Days after the announcement, the singer made headlines again when he accidentally hit another member of the paparazzi with his truck after being mobbed by photographers while leaving a Beverly Hills church.

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