Justin Timberlake surprises Super Bowl selfie kid on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Ryan McKenna– more frequently called that Super Bowl selfie kid– got another surprise from Justin Timberlake when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show The huge video game’s halftime headliner gotten on the phone to talk with DeGeneres’ most current interviewee on Friday’s episode after unintentionally turning the 13- year-old into the most recent meme feeling.

“It’s nice to meet you finally,” Timberlake stated as McKenna began wrecking.

Timberlake dancing through the stands at the Super Bowl to take a selfie with McKenna wasn’t prepared, inning accordance with the Man of the Woods vocalist. “I knew I wanted to end the show with ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling,’ just because I see how people respond to that song, and then cut to Ryan,” Timberlake stated.

DeGeneres joked that Timberlake will most likely begin sending out the teen loan because they’re so linked now, however the star did have something for his brand-new fan. “I tell you what I want to do,” he started, “because it was so unexpected that you came down and because all of this has happened, I thought to myself I really wanna meet you properly.”

Timberlake talented McKenna and his household with tickets to his performance drop in Boston, and the NFL additionaled the love by handing out a VIP experience to a Patriots house video game next season, 4 tickets to a video game, and 4 pre-game field passes.

This now makes all the memes worth it. “Yes, I saw all the memes. I’ve seen those,” McKenna informed DeGeneres previously in the program. “My dad told me he was coming up so I had to push out there,” he discussed, “but I had the video [on] when I was going out to Justin, and then I had the iPhone 6 and that thing is slow. So it just shut off, and that’s why all the memes formed.”

Watch McKenna on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the video above.

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