Kristin Cavallari’s Late Brother Sent “Chilling” Message to Give His Family “Closure,” Says Tyler Henry

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Kristin Cavallari‘s late sibling Michael Cavallari has some crucial messages for his household.

Tyler Henry is providing us a sneak peek of his “really intense” reading with the previous Hills star, who appears on the season 3 best of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry

“The reading itself was really profound because her brother made a very clear connection,” Tyler states of Michael, who was discovered dead in Utah 3 days after he was reported missing out on back in2015 “And I didn’t realize at the time of the reading, Kristin’s parents were actually watching the reading in the other room. And you’ll have to see but there was this personal reference that came through from her brother about this license plate and a wall of license plates and there was a reference that came through with that and it didn’t make any sense to Kristin but meanwhile her dad was in the other room watching the reading and it was the most personal, chilling validation I think I’ve seen in the show because he knew exactly where that fit. And it was really special to get to see that, not only for her, but for her parents who really needed it.”

The scenarios around Michael’s death were a little suspicious to state the least. The Utah State Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that Michael’s death was unexpected and brought on by hypothermia from direct exposure to cold temperature levels. Tyler states Michael “absolutely” cleans up any concerns his household has about his death.

“I think what’s so special about readings is that people can get that clarity and understanding of what their loved ones were going through in their last moments here on earth,” Tyler informed E! News solely. “And when he came through, he made very clear two references: one that was insight into his mental health at the time and the other was a really validating factor that helped them get a lot more closure I think around the passing. It was really important for those two things to come through.”

In a discount for season 3 of Hollywood Medium, Cavallari asks Tyler, “When my brother died, he got out of his car and he was walking. I don’t think he wanted to be found but did it get to a point where he got lost out there?”

“I kept hearing, ‘I didn’t know what was going on,’ and then there’s an emphasis on two factors playing on someone’s mental state,” Tyler states. “It’s kind of like, ‘There’s no saving me.'”

A ravaged Cavallari breaks down, “It kills me.”

Watch the season 3 best of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m., just on E!

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