Lamar Odom’s JUICY Tell-All Will Probably Contain Info The Kardashian Family ‘Doesn’t Want Out There’!

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Kris Jenner is going to be SO PISSED!

According to a post released by United States Weekly on Tuesday, more info is emerging about Lamar Odom‘s dynamite “book about his life” which will cover his “early years playing basketball, getting caught up with the wrong crowd in high school and, of course, his marriage” to Khloé Kardashian

The narrative will likewise information “everything that happened leading up to and after” the professional athlete’s overdose at a Las Vegas whorehouse in October 2015.

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While the previous Lakers gamer isn’t really attempting to deliberately harm his ex (who is anticipating her very first kid with sweetheart Tristan Thompson), he feels obliged to inform his “truth,” which might include things the Kardashian household “doesn’t want out there”!

The source exposes:

“Lamar just wants to put his truth out there because there have been so many lies written about him… He just wants to set the record straight. It shouldn’t be considered a hit against Khloé or the Kardashians. There might be some things in the book that the family doesn’t want out there, but Lamar isn’t doing this to hurt them. Lamar is happy for Khloé, but it’s bittersweet because even after all this time, he still loves her. But he recognizes that she had no other choice but to move on from him.”

The baller formerly discussed his book at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in July 2017 where he explained the task to InTouch Weekly as a “free-for-all.”

According to a then-source, the tell-all will likewise cover Kim Kardashian West‘s ruthless pursuit of popularity, guys, and how her and partner Kanye West have actually consistently broken up through the years; Kylie Jenner‘s social circle of “people who carry guns and [do] drugs”; momager Kris’ fascination with striking on guys in the household; Rob Kardashian‘s reliance on cannabis and tablets; and Caitlyn Jenner‘s pre-transition cross-dressing.

Lamar has no fucks to provide!

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