Let’s Give It Up to Trump and Pence for Having Daughters and spouses!

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Yesterday, in honor and event of pieces of ass and things we probably do, the GOP provide itself a pat on the back by clarifying on social networks that Trump has actually designated a lots of ladies, really. In September 2017, the Guardian approximated that just 20% of elections for leading tasks have actually gone to ladies, putting Trump “on track to assemble the most male-dominated federal government in nearly a quarter-century”– however whatever, they made a picture album! They might consider 7 ladies, then they included Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Karen Pence. “Take a look at some of these leading ladies,” they provide:

Contrary to traditional belief, @realdonaldtrump has actually designated more ladies to senior-level federal government and project positions than previous administrations. He’s empowering ALL Americans with his winning program. Have a look at a few of these leading women. #WomensHistoryMonth

Eeeey have a look. Females puzzling for the men, speaking to refugees from “shithole” nations, doing the full-job of clarifying that no, really, the president’s not a sexist racist. Most likely not weighing in on health care problems. From the non-related 7, 2 are billionaires, and one was successful a guy. Fellow slideshow stars Linda McMahon, Seema Verma, and Ronna Romney McDaniel are around, even if you do not hear or see from them typically.

And while you’re at it, take a look at this Cabinet conference. Winners, am I right, women?


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