Lin Manuel Speak About His Very First Days With Baby Kid Francisco

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JoJo Whilden/Courtesy of OWN

On Feb. 2 Miranda formally ended up being a daddy or 2 kids, the star and his better half Vanessa Nadal invited their 2nd boy, Francisco With the enjoyment of a brand-new infant, there isn’t really much that might’ve gotten the “Almost Like Praying” vocalist far from his brand-new little package of delight, however similar to for everyone, Oprah connecting would suffice.

“Just got back from having a new human head on my chest. [He was born] a week ago,” Miranda states. “I said, ‘I’m not leaving the house for two months!’ And then Oprah called. The only thing I’m leaving the house for.'”

“[After looking at a picture of him] He looks so different! It’s only been a week! We had a day of brilliance, and my other son, when we brought him home, he was like, ‘Oh, I love him,'” he discusses.

The couple, who invited their very first kid Sebastian Miranda on November 10, 2014, revealed the news of their brand-new addition on Twitter sharing a sincere picture of the infant being held by Nadal.

“It was peaceful for a day. Sebastian’s 3, and he got the stomach bug, so my wife and that beautiful child have been with her parents all week being sequestered, and I have been in the diarrhea upside down,” Miranda states.

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