Lost Sphear Review

Creating an old-fashioned role-playing game that reminds fans of the classics they loved as kids seems like it would be a simple matter. You’d expect dated-looking graphics, a streamlined structure, and simplistic writing, all which demand fewer resources than a grand epic that slices the bleeding edge of technology. For a big company like Square Enix, it should be a breeze… right? Well, perhaps not, if Lost Sphear is anything to go by.

The second game from Square Enix’s internal Tokyo RPG Factory studio, Lost Sphear, is another attempt at a brand-new role-playing game inspired by the company’s classic games — specifically, Chrono Trigger. But, like its predecessor (2016’s I am Setsuna), this retro-style adventure borrows from the greats without ever quite finding its own identity. It certainly comes a lot closer to being a modern-day Chrono Trigger than Setsuna, but it’s far short of being a work on par with the games it cribs from.

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