Meet runaway bride-to-be Darby Dixon in a special excerpt from Jamie McGuire’s From Here to You

gettyimages 671628166 - Meet runaway bride-to-be Darby Dixon in a special excerpt from Jamie McGuire's From Here to You

Jamie McGuire has actually struck the New York Times best-seller list with her steamy books in the Maddox Brothers love series and she made history as the very first indie author ever to strike a print handle Walmart. With all that, fans still cannot get enough, so the author is providing more items with the upcoming release From Here to You, and EW has a special very first appearance.

In October, McGuire will go back to modern love with her most recent release From Here to You follows Darby Dixon, a girl from Texas who leaves her violent partner on her wedding (regardless of being pregnant) and transfers to Colorado to begin a brand-new life. There, Darby satisfies Scott “Trex” Trexler, a previous Marine with lots of tricks of his own. Darby isn’t really so sure she wishes to get included with another guy with many tricks and who’s so possibly hazardous, however their tourist attraction and a confluence of occasions consisting of wildfires and her ex’s persistence may simply be exactly what it requires to press her into his arms.

McGuire has actually solely exposed the cover of her Oct. 9 release, along with an excerpt of the book’s amazing starts and the choice that alters Darby’s life. Keep reading below.


Excerpt from From Here to You by Jamie McGuire

The cold porcelain of the toilet seemed like ice versus my bare behind as I sat stooped over the white, rippling taffeta and tulle of my bridal gown. The faucet was running, almost muffling the noise of my future sister-in-law and house maid of honor, Stacy, pounding on the door. I pinched each end of the white stick in between my fingers, seeing as the 2nd pink line darkened prior to my eyes.

The back bathroom of the First Free Will Baptist Church in Fort Hood, Texas, might hardly fit the toilet and sink, however all of a sudden there were 2 individuals inside the small space, and the walls were relocating closer by the 2nd.

“Darby?” Stacy called once again. “You’re not getting sick, are you? Shawn won’t wanna have to deal with throw-up on his wedding night.”

“For better or worse, remember?” my bridesmaid Carly stated. I didn’t need to see her to understand she was irritated with Stacy.

My sister-in-law was a female variation of her sibling. Blunt, snarky, and typically irritated, which was prior to she was comfy adequate to reveal the degree of her ruthlessness.

I closed my eyes, holding the adhere to my chest. Mascara thickened the tears puddled high up on my cheeks. Shawn and I had actually satisfied practically precisely a year prior to, simply a couple of months after he ‘d been stationed at Fort Hood. Keeping in mind the method I felt when he strolled into Legend’s Pub was exactly what had actually assisted me forget how bad the combating might get, the times he ‘d pressed me to the flooring, pushed me versus a wall, choked me, or slapped my face, to that almost-quiet minute in the church. Shawn had actually gotten so proficient at groveling, I ‘d accepted wed him after the last desperate apology and pledge to alter. I gripped the pregnancy test tighter. I could not pay for bad choices any longer. They not impacted simply me.

My right-hand man grasped the stick as I selected my mobile phone off the sink counter and tapped the screen with shivering fingers. Mom got after one ring. She ‘d relocated to Baton Rouge simply after I turned eighteen, precisely 2 years after the mishap. I was the only individual she did not like more than Shawn.

“I knew it. I knew you’d call. What? Do you need money?” she asked.

“Mama,” I laughed nervously. “Have I ever asked you for anything?”

She sighed. “Frank’s family is visiting, and I’ve got things to do. If you don’t need anything, why’d you call?”

“The um, the wedding is in a few minutes. I wish you were here.” The only noise on the other end of the line was her breathing, and I pictured the lines around her lips from cigarette smoking considering that she was fifteen deepening as she chose not to speak. I held the back of my hand that held the pregnancy test versus my forehead. “How is Frank?”

“He’s still off work. His back, you know. He moved in last month. Why?”

“Oh,” I stated, considering her two-bedroom house and how congested it would be.

“And Johnny, too.”

“Johnny. His…son? Isn’t he thirtysomething?”

“Yep, got a divorce.” She blew into the phone, and I kept in mind sitting deep in my chair as a kid, preventing the low-lying haze of cigarette smoke constantly present when Mama was house. That was no location to raise an infant. She was. The call was a wild-goose chase.

“That’s great. I’m happy for you, Mama.”


“I should probably, um…”

“Yes. Go.”

I pushed End, and stood, putting the stick on the counter beside my phone. When I turned the knob, the faucet squeaked. The cold water felt so great running over my fingers, releasing, as if I weren’t stuck in the small restroom attempting to find out the best ways to entrust Shawn’s child growing within me. I thought of my alternatives, and as grateful as I was to have them, the idea of strolling into a center was excessive. Was being connected to Shawn for the rest of my life, the bond of a kid more protected than any wedding event event.

The suds moved off my skin and down the drain. The reflection in the mirror captured my attention, and I froze. Many days I didn’t acknowledge myself, however the worry and despondence had actually made a house in my eyes. My tears had actually pulled black lines down my cheeks. Honey-blond waves had actually left from my bun, poking out from underneath my veil and framing my mess of a face, the exact same one that had actually won Miss East Texas simply 4 years previously. I wasn’t sure I kept in mind the best ways to smile like that any longer. That woman was gone.

In less than twenty minutes, Shawn would be standing at the end of the center aisle, waiting on me to guarantee in front of his household and half the base that I would comply with and like. Nobody would learn about the kid I was bring, as well as if they did, they had no idea that the included tension would just make Shawn’s currently brief mood a lot more frightening.

I grabbed a paper towel and utilized it to clean away the intense red lipstick from my lips.

“Darbs?” A softer knock sounded. “It’s Carly. Can I come in?”

I swiped the stick off the sink and unlocked, letting Carly slide through. In between my gown, me, the toilet, and the sink, I wasn’t sure how Carly might fit within, however like all things– she made it work.

“Jesus, she is obnoxious,” Carly hissed. “Are you sure you want to attach yourself to that for life?” When I didn’t respond to, she blanched. “Oh, God. You don’t.”

“I called Mama.”

“Oh, shit,” she stated, plainly not fretted about swearing in a church. Her sweet, Southern drawl hardly made it a cuss word. “To tell her you’re backing out? Is she coming to get you?”

I shook my head and lookinged at myself in the mirror. “No one’s coming to get me.” My voice sounded as broken as I felt.

Carly fussed with my hair. “Listen, if you want to do this, we’ll fix your face and you’ll look beautiful.” Recognition flickered in her eyes. “Darby…stop me if I’m out of line, but, honey, my car is right outside the side door. I’ll grab your things when no one is looking, and I’ll take you wherever you want.”

Carly didn’t state anything she didn’t indicate. She was a sensational blonde Southern belle with sparkling green eyes, a tan year-round, adequate bleach on her hair to do 10 loads of laundry, and shimmery whatever. She made an eliminating selling makeup, and her celebrations were more like females’s empowerment retreats. She ‘d attempted talking me from weding Shawn as quickly as she ‘d learnt we were engaged. She ‘d likewise hosted our engagement celebration.

“I don’t know. Everyone’s waiting.”

“No one would wonder why, Darby. We all know what happens at your house. You can walk away from this guilt-free.”

Stacy started pounding on the door once again, my whole body jerking in response.

Carly licked her scarf and cleaned the skin underneath my eyes. “If this is what you want, I’ll go get you some of my lipstick, because you need a little color. If it’s not, I’m going to get my keys, and I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

A couple of minutes after Carly left, my heart was pounding, my hands sweating. Despite the fact that flexibility was simply down the hall and through the door, I ‘d never ever been so frightened in my life. The stick was slipping out of my sweaty hand, however I clenched my fingers, choosing not to leave it behind. Shawn didn’t require more need to follow me.

As assured, Carly was being in her Lexus. I climbed up into the traveler seat, my bridal gown spilling over the console onto her side.

She got my hand. “Where do you wanna go?”

“Anywhere but here.”

“The bus station?”

I took a look at the wristlet on my lap and nodded. “I have two hundred dollars. Think that’s enough?”

“Don’t you worry about that.” We pulled back from the church and took out into the street.

I showed up the radio, attempting to muffle the noise of the lots of voices cautioning me of the effects that would feature leaving Shawn. If I left him, he had actually cautioned me lots of times what would take place to me. In some cases, by the appearance in his eyes, I made sure he didn’t even desire me, he simply could not stand the idea of me with somebody else. More nights than I might count, I ‘d lie awake to listen for noises of an approaching attack.

Carly refused the volume and after that got my hand and squeezed. “You’re doing the right thing. It’s only going to get better from here.”

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