Monster Hunter World: How to kill Diablos, what are Diablos’ weaknesses and how to farm Diablos effectively

monster hunter world street fighter crossover 2 - Monster Hunter World: How to kill Diablos, what are Diablos’ weaknesses and how to farm Diablos effectively

By James Billcliffe, Friday, 2 February 2018 14:15 GMT

Diablos are a particularly mean species of Flying Wyvern, and are the apex predators of the Wildspire Waste.

Making their lair in some of Monster Hunter World’s vast subterranian caverns, Diablos are powerful, aggressive creatures that attack with horns and claws.

Here’s our method for taking down Diablos, where to find it, and what its weaknesses are.

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How to kill Diablos:

  • Craft a weapon with ice elemental damage and stock up on items that inflict paralysis, as well as lots of potions and flash pods
  • Find Diablos in north-east of the Wildspire Waste
  • Be ready to dodge his charge attack, and ready to sprint jump away from his burrowing attack
  • Get underneath Diablos’ wingspan, staying in close to get between his legs and strike
  • Use the distance created when he retreats to lower levels to resharpen your weapon and ready ailment items

Where to find Diablos in the Wildspire Waste:

Diablos is found next to the Northeast Camp in area 15 of Wildspire Waste. When you drop into the camp, turn around and head right. There should be a deep tunnel that leads to Diablos’ lair right in front of you on your right hand side.

Sometimes though, Diablos can be found on the surface in area 8 of the map. If there’s nothing in the tunnel, that’s the place to go.

How to beat Diablos strategy:

Diablos can be a really tough fight that gets away from you in an instant. Dodging, items and stunning are incredibly important to making it out of this fight alive, so prepare well by bringing a weapon with ice elemental damage, items that inflict the paralysis ailment, and flash pods to give you some breathing room and a few free hits in a pinch.

Diablos’ aggressive main attacks are difficult to dodge, so take some time to learn the patterns.

The first of these that you’re likely to encounter is the head-first charge. This is telegraphed by Diablos raising its head and roaring, before quickly barrelling forward. As soon as you see it roar, you have to start sprinting to one side and roll to evade damage.

Another difficult attack is where Diablos burrows underground before bursting out underneath you. This is much harder to avoid.

Veteran players can try to employ advanced blocking strategies like the Charge Blade’s Guard Point here, but a simpler method is to take advantage of the invincibility frames in Monster Hunter World’s sprint jump. As soon Diablos burrows toward you, sprint backward and jump. If timed correctly, you’ll jump and land without taking damage.

Even the game’s best speedrunners make mistakes and get hit by Diablos’ attacks sometimes – so be sure to have healing items close at hand.

Once you’ve managed to dodge its attacks, try to get in under Diablos wingspan to strike. Make use of your paralysis items and flash pods when things get hectic, and try to stay with Diablos’ head facing away from you as often as possible. In the first underground cave area, there are Flash Flies you can use to temporarily blind Diablos, so take advantage of those while you can.

When you’ve done enough damage, Diablos will start to retreat into lower caverns. Use this time to resharpen your weapon and prepare for the next phase.

Be careful when you follow Diablos down. It’s easy to get caught in the middle distance when you’re trying to close the space between the cavern entrance and the monster – usually resulting in heavy damage from a near-impossible to avoid charge attack. Take the fight as slowly as possible and draw out Diablos’ more predictable attacks.

Diablos weaknesses:

  • Paralysis
  • Ice

Diablos isn’t weak to many things, so utilising ice elemental attacks and the paralysis ailment is vitally important to beating the beast. For a detailed rundown of all of the weapons in Monster Hunter World take a look at our guide.

Fire elemental attacks are ineffective against Diablos, so weaponry dealing that sort of damage is not recommended.

How to farm Diablos Ridge, Diablos Fang, Diablos Shell, Diablos Tailcase, Diablos Marrow and Twisted Horns:

The trick to farming many of Monster Hunter World’s large monsters are Investigations. Investigations are repeatable quests with specific requirements that dish out monster items as rewards for completing them. This means that you’ve got an extra chance to get the rarer materials you need from defeating enemies.

You can unlock Investigations by fighting monsters, as well as examining the traces that they leave behind, like footprints.

Take a look at our full guide for everything you need to know about Monster Hunter World.

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