Moss Is PSVR’s Most Charming Game Yet

Moss won me over immediately thanks to its to-scale and adorably charming mouse heroine, DualShock-fueled accuracy controls, and captivating world style that lets you exist as a human-sized assisting hand inside a rodent-sized world. And beyond small technical inconveniences with PSVR itself, it never ever removed that preliminary pleasure when its actual storybook ending came 4 hours later on.

Quill, the cute mouse heroine whom you manage with the DualShock, can move, leap, attack with her sword, and engage with things such as levers. She even has a few timing-based attack combinations that raise the combating above easy button mashing, though you ‘d never ever error Moss’ battle for Bloodborne’s. You’ll deal with a couple of various opponents throughout the experience, and while they’re never ever especially unsafe separately, things get satisfying chaotic when their numbers begin accumulating and the numerous opponent types assault you concurrently. The majority of the opponents are either beetles or extremely beetles, however the blowing up men who go boom if you get too close produce a great little bit of stress. Finding out the secret to beating them rapidly and painlessly (tip, it includes utilizing your Reader capability) is crucial.

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