NYPD Reportedly Ready to Arrest Harvey Weinstein, Just Waiting on District Attorney’s Support

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It appears the long past due disturbance of Harvey Weinstein’s rehab getaway may in fact show up at some point quickly. The Daily Beast reported on Wednesday that the New York Police Department is prepared and all set to jail Weinstein for felony sexual attack. That’s inning accordance with an unnamed authorities authorities, who informed the Beast on Tuesday, “We’re ready to go with an arrest.”

In that case, why hasn’t Weinstein been apprehended? Obviously, the NYPD is waiting on the approval of Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, who need to eventually choose whether Weinstein gets prosecuted.

When requested for remark, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce informed the New York Daily News today, “We are still accumulating evidence,” then referred the press reporter to Vance’s workplace, stating, “It’s his case right now. I would ask you to ask him what his schedule is.” An authorities source informed the NYDN that the DA workplace’s examination is continuous, and Vance’s individuals did not return ask for remark.

Police sources informed the Beast that the NYPD, which has actually been examining 5 sexual attack allegations versus Weinstein, is discovering one case amongst them to be especially engaging.

One of these cases was brought by Lucia Evans, who declared in an October New Yorker short article that Weinstein required her to carry out foreplay on him in2004 Another of the victims whose declares the NYPD are examination is star Paz de la Huerta, who declared in Vanity Fair this November that Weinstein raped her in 2010.


The other 3 cases versus Weinstein being examined in New York city are apparently still establishing.

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