O.J. Simpson Talks About Slow-Speed Bronco Chase After Murders

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O.J. Simpson Cuts to the Chase


O.J. Simpson discussed the slow-speed Bronco chase as if it was a triumph for him, since evaluating from popular opinion on the streets– actually– all he saw was assistance.

Simpson informed his story to Judith Regan years back, and it’s now the focal point of the FOX unique based upon the book, ‘If I Did It.’

This clip is naturally gross … Simpson, a supreme narcissist, presumably was pondering suicide, however when you hear him talk he was delighting in the program of assistance from individuals who in some way believed it was a smart idea to cheer him on as he drove on the405

It’s practically like he was taking a survey … whether individuals were purchasing exactly what the media had actually been informing them all week long– with blood going from the bodies to his restroom at Rockingham, and a cut finger that matched a knife injury– he was guilty as hell.

The program airs tonight on FOX at 8 PM.

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