Olympian Shaun White Says He’s ‘Truly Sorry’ For Calling Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made Against Him ‘Gossip’!

shaun white winter olympics sexual misconduct drama  oPt - Olympian Shaun White Says He's 'Truly Sorry' For Calling Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made Against Him 'Gossip'!

shaun white winter olympics sexual misconduct drama

An Olympic medal isn’t really going to keep journalism from inquiring about sexual misbehavior!

Not long after winning his 3rd gold medal in the guys’s halfpipe at the Winter Olympics, Shaun White dismissed a concern about the sexual misbehavior accusations made versus him in a 2016 suit as “gossip.” Man, oh man.

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White, who has actually been among snowboarding’s most popular professional athletes, was on cloud 9 following his gold medal making run. Little did he understand that, as he was completing, information from a claim by a previous drummer from his band, the Bad Things, resurfaced online.

ICYMI, Lena Zawaideh implicated the Olympian of unwanted sexual advances and stated he chose not to pay her earnings after he fired her. The legal drama was kicked back in May for a concealed quantity.

When asked if the accusations may impact his credibility, White reacted:

“I’m here to talk about the Olympics, not gossip and stuff. I don’t think so.”

As press reporters tried to obtain Shaun to provide extra remarks, U.S. Snowboarding and Freeskiing Event Director Nick Alexakos closed down the line of questioning. The American professional athlete was then blended off phase, as he included:

“I have to get to the medal ceremony.”

Unsurprisingly, the #MeToo motion on Twitter was NOT about the appreciation for White’s big win or his laissez-faire action relating to the scandal. Get a taste of the reaction (listed below)!

Yikes. Naturally, the questionable snowboarder moved rapidly to deal with the criticism. While speaking to Today‘s Savannah Guthrie in Pyeongchang, Shaun excused describing the accusations as “gossip.”

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White shared:

“I am truly sorry that I chose the word ‘gossip.’ It was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world today. I was so overwhelmed and just wanted to talk about how amazing today was and share my experience.”

Guthrie aimed to get him to additional address the circumstance as she pushed him on the concern. Shaun danced around the subject, as he concluded:

“I’ve grown as a person over the years. It’s amazing how life works, and twists and turns and lessons learned. Every experience in my life I feel like it’s taught me a lesson and I definitely feel like I’m a much more changed person than I was when I was younger. I’m proud of who I am today.”

Huh. We’re uncertain this suffices to discourage his numerous critics !!

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