Olympics 2018: Bobsledder Aja Evans’ Must List consists of Orphan Black and O.T. Genasis

aja evans.jpg?crop=0px%2C0px%2C2700px%2C1417 - Olympics 2018: Bobsledder Aja Evans' Must List consists of Orphan Black and O.T. Genasis

Aja Evans discovered her method into bobsledding in an uncommon method: she contended in track and field in college prior to changing equipments (and surface areas). Ever since, she’s gotten a bronze medal in Sochi and has her eye on the reward for another medal in PyeongChang.

Ahead of the competitors, Evans showed EW all the popular culture faves on her individual Must List.

1. “Push It” by O.T. Genasis

“That’s kind of my ultimate bobsled song, because I kind of push things! It gets me super hype. … I’m really into a lot of hip-hop and R&B, pop songs. I’m really into that when I’m training. I really like a lot of the hip-hop sounds, because those beats and that kind of imagery get me hype and ready to compete. One of my recent favorite songs is ‘Legendary’ by Welshly Arms. … ‘Weak’ by AJR is another favorite of mine. And then, a recent one is ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake. Those are my top ones right now.”

2. The Weeknd & DVSN

“When I’m not training, I love some ’90s hip-hop and R&B, and a lot of artists like The Weeknd. I’m really into DVSN right now, and a lot of more chill sounds.”

3. Orphan Black

” When I’m in Europe, Netflix is a bit various so I attempt all these various European programs. I enjoyed this program called Orphan Black … [You know] it’s essentially like the clones and whatever, so, me enjoying hair and makeup, for the very first season [I kept] seeing the exact same individual in various wigs. Then it began to grow on me, and I got into the characters and whatever, so then I had to view the entire series. That was my program when I was on trip. I like it.”

4. … and more binges

The 100 on Netflix. I like that program. I’m a Stranger Things fan, too; I for sure love Stranger Things I truly like Queen of the South. I’m waiting on season 3 to begin.”


“[My] sis constantly reveals me clips from Real Housewives of Atlanta Every once in a while, I enter into a few of the Love & Hip Hop drama for sure. I cannot reject a little Keeping Up With the Kardashians every so often also.”

6. Bad Boys 2

” I’m a huge Bad Boys fan, so Bad Boys 2 is among my all-time favorites. Paradoxically enough, Cool Runnings is [also] among my all-time favorites, even prior to I got in the sport! [A movie] I simply enjoyed that was quite cool was Bright on Netflix with Will Smith. I’m truly into frightening motion pictures and thrillers.”

7. Books & podcasts

” I’m a huge fan of Cari Champion’s Be Honest podcast. As far as books go, I type of love books about favorable thinking, where you are psychologically and how all of it ties into the important things you experience in your life. Among the ones I check out just recently was You Are A Badass[by Jen Sincero].”

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