Personnel at Sleep No More Report Widespread Sexual Misconduct

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Immersive theater production Sleep No More, loosely based upon Shakespeare’s Macbeth, motivates participants to get rid of the popular separation in between audience and star. Inning accordance with a brand-new report from Buzzfeed, that motivation has actually resulted in an environment where stars are often attacked by clients with little assistance from management.

Every efficiency starts with an entertainer mentioning “fortune favors the bold” to numerous hundred masked audience members. Some think this require boldness motivates clients to boldly search entertainers versus their will. There is a system in location for a star to boot a rowdy customer– they manage the mask which is hung on by flexible. Buzzfeed spoke with numerous entertainers who got rid of the masks of clients, just to see them return to the program.

One star states she had her breast searched throughout an efficiency. Since he stated he required to “retrieve his mask.”

, a Sleep No More representative verified that ininstance security guards permitted him to return.

The star composed an e-mail the next day to numerous managers at the time, stating, “I’m stunned that after two years something like this isn’t a smooth and clear process and that an audience member who gropes us is casually let back into the show. It puts all of us in jeopardy not to have this procedure in place and working.”

There are other procedures in location for following intoxicated or problematic clients, and stars are trained in the best ways to react to undesirable touching. Till really just recently, there was no specific message to the audience that touching isn’t really permitted, however not for absence of need. Here’s a 2011 e-mail from a now previous cast member asking for that audience members get a stern caution versus touching the stars:

“There should be a little phrase added to the entry speech about NOT TOUCHING PERFORMERS.” She included, “WE need it for protection and so the fucking ‘fortune favors the bold’ phrase isn’t misinterpreted by drunken assholes to mean ‘do whatever you want to performers.’”


The program is run by a production business called Emursive, who confess to understanding about some circumstances of groping, however reject that others were ever reported. In a declaration, they declared security was their “highest priority,” and indicated the large variety of programs, clients, and personnel who have actually can be found in and from their production stabilized versus the “17 incidents of groping or sexual misconduct by patrons during the show” verified by Buzzfeed.

Performers likewise declared that when clients came to the Sleep No More location, the McKittrick Hotel, they were motivated to consume prior to the program began, increasing concerns with tough audience members. Emursive rejects that clients are motivate to imbibe and purchase alcohol to any higher degree than at a standard theater experience.

Overall, it appears that numerous staffers feel weakened to the basic environment, which stabilizes severe sexualization and possible searching to an unreasonable degree. Buzzfeed even discusses a piece from Gawker’s Brian Moylan composed in 2011, where he advises clients on the best ways to see all the nudity in Sleep No More, and confesses to getting an entertainer’s butt.


Read the complete Buzzfeed piece here.

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