Prepare to Be Deeply Unsatisfied by Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Performance

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It’s screwed up that Justin Timberlake is headlining the Super Bowl halftime program after playing the active function in the Nipplegate scandal that efficiently ended Janet Jackson’s business practicality. It is particularly screwed up since in the consequences, he weaseled his escape of any responsibility just to emerge expertly unharmed. When (ultimately validated) reports started flowing about Timberlake’s go back to the Super Bowl phase 14 years after Janet Jackson irritated the nation with undeniable evidence that she owns a minimum of one nipple, numerous on social networks, and so on, required Timberlake to welcome Jackson to visitor along with him as a sort of mea culpa.

Yesterday, at an interview, Timberlake revealed that would not be occurring. Billboard reports:

When Timberlake was asked if there may be an * NSYNC reunion on the Super Bowl phase, the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” vocalist shut reports down point-blank. “Uhh, well, no,” he stated with a fast laugh, however an expression that recommended he was not playing any video games.

The only unique visitors, per Timberlake, will be atrioventricular bundle:

“To be honest, I had a ton of grand ideas about special guests,” he continued. “We talked about it a lot. There’s a whole list — I think Vegas has a lot of odds on it, I heard. From *NSYNC to Jay [Z] to Chris Stapleton to Janet, but this year I’m just excited — my band, the Tennessee Kids, I feel like they’re my special guests and I’m excited this year to rock the stage. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

This is frustrating, however barely unexpected. It’s difficult to state, too, whom the choice may be originating from: Timberlake or Jackson or some mix of them and their individuals (TMZ reported in October that the NFL stated Jackson was not prohibited). If I were Janet, I would not go anywhere near that city juggalo after his absence of assistance that he himself confessed (albeit years later on, when it not had any bearing on the state of either of their professions).


And as great of a gesture as it would have been for Timberlake to provide Jackson some airtime, a good gesture is all it would have been. He cannot return and reverse the damage it wreaked on her profession, cannot turn flops into hits, cannot remove the badly distressing picture of one silver-encased nipple from the minds of a whole nation that had at that point never ever when seen a single breast with its own eyes till Jackson’s. Absolutely nothing Timberlake might have performed in a situation including sharing the phase with Jackson at the Super Bowl would have forgiven him in my eyes, however then I’m not truly one who’s pleased with public apologies, much less ones required by a mad mob (no matter just how much I am lined up with the mob’s ideology) and provided as commitment.

Now, if Timberlake exposes one (1) of his nuts throughout his halftime program, well, that’s another story. Maybe, we can start the recovery procedure.

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