Rachel Weisz does not desire a female James Bond since ladies ‘need to get their own stories’

gettyimages 915007812.jpg?crop=0px%2C0px%2C2700px%2C1417 - Rachel Weisz does not desire a female James Bond since ladies 'need to get their own stories'

Daniel Craig is validated to when again return as James Bond in a movie slated for 2019, however reports are currently swirling about who may change him when he lastly hangs up the tuxedo. Numerous have actually questioned whether it’s time for a female to enter the renowned function, however someone who isn’t really a fan of that concept is Rachel Weisz.

The starlet, who is wed to Craig, shot down the concept of a female Bond in an interview with The Telegraph, stating that she would rather see brand-new, initial stories fixating ladies.

“[Author Ian Fleming] committed a terrible great deal of time to composing this specific character, who is especially male and relates in a specific method to ladies,” Weisz informed The Telegraph(by means of PEOPLE). “Why not produce your very own story instead of getting on to the shoulders and being compared with all those other male predecessors? Ladies are intriguing and truly interesting and need to get their own stories.”

After months of speculation, Craig validated in August that he’ll be returning for the as-yet-untitled 25 th Bond film (which has a release date of Nov. 8, 2019, however no director yet). Speaking With Stephen Colbert, Craig stated that he anticipated this movie to be his last getaway as the British superspy. “I think this is it,” he informed Colbert. “I just want to go out on a high note. I can’t wait.”

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