Rachel Weisz On a Woman James Bond: ‘Women Should Get Their Own Stories’

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Rachel Weisz does not appreciate a female James Bond and, truthfully, neither ought to any of us!

There’s been some chatter just recently about who the next James Bond may be and whether he will be yet another English white male. Idris Elba has actually been a fan preferred, though he himself has stated that the next Bond must be a female. If she would play the character (to which she responded “I’m too old.”)

, unexpectedly Helen Mirren was being asked.

But in a brand-new interview with The Telegraph star Rachel Weisz stated that she does not believe James Bond ought to even be a female. Rather, she believes females ought to be getting their own initial stories. Weisz stated:

[Fleming] dedicated a dreadful great deal of time to composing this specific character, who is especially male and relates in a specific method to females. Why not produce your very own story instead of getting on to the shoulders and being compared with all those other male predecessors? Females are intriguing and actually remarkable and ought to get their own stories.

Hear! Hear!

I do not wish to dislike on the current push to reboot motion pictures and TELEVISION programs, like Ghostbusters and Ocean’s 8, with all-female or more varied casts since then I seem like I’m feeding the MRA giants. As well as I like that both of them exist! We cannot forget that the much better option is to support initial stories for females. They’re more difficult to offer, and perhaps do not bring the glam name acknowledgment (read: male audience-approved) of the Bond franchise, however the option for getting more intricate functions for females on and behind motion picture screens should not constantly be “we must cast a woman in a traditionally male role.”


And when it comes to James Bond, in spite of the reality that he is a renowned British character, he hasn’t precisely been the most progressive, as Weisz explains. If a womanizing, gadget-toting sexpot in a tuxedo is exactly what individuals desire, maybe somebody can construct her from the ground up on her own terms. Or you can simply view Atomic Blonde?

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