Roseanne & & Tom Arnold Are Beefing AGAIN– This Time Over Donald Trump!

tom arnold roseanne barr twitter feud donald trump  oPt - Roseanne & & Tom Arnold Are Beefing AGAIN-- This Time Over Donald Trump!

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We never ever believed we ‘d wind up being #TeamTom, however here we remain in 2018, aka Bizarro World.

Over the previous couple of months, Roseanne Barr has actually ended up being a growing number of securely in assistance of Donald Trump, to the point she’s retweeting alt-right leaders like Jack Posobiec

After all, at this moment if you’re still professional Trump, you’re basically anti everyone affordable, like researchers, the FBI, school shooting victims, every non-dictatorial nation worldwide– oh, and Tom Arnold

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Tom has actually understood The Donald a very long time and as such has actually been securely versus him ending up being POTUS. He’s even apparently a witness in the Mueller Probe he has a lot inside information. (Yes, truly!)

So as if these exes required something else to combat about, now Tom and Roseanne are beefing when again on Twitter as Tom jabbed:

Damn! He @ed ABC and whatever!

Something informs us they understand who they’re dealing with however– even her character on the Roseanne revival is going to be a Trump fan.

We think Roseanne herself was too hectic joking about Fergie‘s nationwide anthem to react personally, however she did retweet her boy, Jake Pentland, who composed:

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Something informs us this fight is far from over.

Something like the years it’s been going currently!

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