RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars eliminee Aja: ‘I definitely want I ‘d never ever assisted Bebe with the gown’

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She appeared like Linda Evangelista. She sparkled under the disco ball. She’s le trendy freak from Brooklyn, however in the end, Aja did not make it through removal on Thursday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. The season 9 alumna’s development appeared, from her style, makeup, and her smile, beloved, and it made her among the most-beloved queens to sign up with the All Star hall of popularity. For this queen, the we-are-family technique to the competitors did not pay off. After Aja assisted Bebe Zahara Benet with her gown, it was Bebe who chose to ax Aja.

So exactly what’s the tea? Has Aja found out the best ways to pronounce France Joli? Was Bebe being dubious, or was she simply playing the All Stars video game? Check out ahead for EW’s complete interview with Brooklyn’s coolest queen, where she discusses her “all over the place” recommendations, why she is sorry for assisting Bebe with her gown, and how she cannot wait to splash her hamburgers from Hamburger Mary’s in catsup.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Brooklyn is grieving, therefore are all your faithful fans. You were truly blind-sided by Bebe’s choice to send you house. You best regards believed you had this difficulty in the bag?

AJA: I truthfully seem like Studio 54 was a location where style sort of gone beyond from various ages, clearly from previously. The point that I was aiming to choose was recommendations from various ages. I wasn’t simply aiming to have exactly what I would call a fundamental disco appearance with an afro and apparent disco dancer appearance. I truly wished to embody a little Grace Jones, Cher, and I’m still going to state “Frances Jolie,” since that’s simply how I state it. When Bebe sent me house, well, when I remained in the bottom, to start with, I was surprised, however you understand, like I state, it’s All Stars, and you never ever understand exactly what can occur. It was, once again, among those minutes like when Kennedy remained in the leading and Milk remained in the bottom, and I think Bebe had actually currently made her mind. At the end of the day, I didn’t even believe I was going to make it that far, so I was great and I enjoyed with whatever turned.

So you’re alright with the choice, although your appearance transcended to Shangela’s?

I do not concur with a great deal of the choices that took place because episode [ chuckles], however exactly what can I do? I’m just in control of myself, and I can manage exactly what sort of energy I’m going to put out there, so I ‘d rather feel more pleased with it than beat myself up about it or be upset; it would be meaningless.

You assisted Bebe with her gown due to the fact that she required the aid; recalling, do you be sorry for doing that?

Oh, I definitely want I ‘d never ever assisted her with the gown, due to the fact that now I’m like, “What would’ve happened if I didn’t help with her dress?” I’ve been asked if I made the entire gown, or simply stitched it. Truthfully, I simply made the base, however without the base, she would not have actually had the ability to build the whole garment. Likewise, I ‘d rather assist somebody. I do not care that she sent me house after I made the base of her gown; I was a bit more troubled with that she didn’t provide me credit for it, or like an individual “Hey girl, I won the challenge, thank you.” Then once again, it’s a competitors, and everybody is simply out to win, so it does not truly matter. I’m not hung up on the little information, I’m similar to, “Work, congratulations, live your life, sis.”

Kennedy Davenport sort of discussed you being a little too positive in this difficulty, particularly given that you won the mini difficulty– stunning appearance, by the method. Do you believe you got too comfy?

Absolutely not! I believe drag queens are animals of insecurity, and if any person believes that I truly was that positive, then they truly have to reassess their judgment of character. In truth, any drag queen prior to leaving your house resembles, “OMG, my lash is on the floor, my cheeks look uneven, my lips look like a butthole.” Nobody sits there and goes, “Work! I look perfect, yes!” We do that as a joke. I was sitting there having a good time. We’re on TELEVISION. I’m not here to be fretted and worried about everything, I’m here to have a good time, and a great deal of ladies leave Drag Race with such a bitter taste in their mouth due to the fact that they didn’t delight in the experience. I ‘d rather have actually delighted in the experience and had a good time then go house or win, believing, “You know what? I did that, I had fun.” So, I truly do not care exactly what any person considers how I was acting [ chuckles]

On that very same note, you explained that your “conversation” with Bebe prior to the lip-sync was all her and didn’t enable you to plead your case; do you believe that if you had the opportunity to talk, the result would’ve been various?

I believe it would’ve been the very same, so I do not believe it truly mattered. I would’ve delighted in having the ability to plead my case. There’s not truly much in the modifying– exactly what you see is exactly what took place. Once again, exactly what can I do? I seem like Bebe and I have extremely contrasting characters. I seemed like I was being a little lectured and being informed that I did an excellent task. I was believing, “This is not about me doing a great job. You know the point of the deliberation is for me to plead my case,” however she made her choice, and there’s absolutely nothing I might’ve stated that would have altered that.

The Drag Race fandom can be vicious– you understand this more than anybody– and they can be extremely protective, so when you tweeted that your removal does not necessitate hate and bigotry, was it due to the fact that you were seeing this kind of feedback towards Bebe?

Here’s the important things: I’m a huge social networks queen. I like social networks, I go all over! I’m on the Reddits, I’m on the blog sites, I’m all over! You cannot eliminate me. I see whatever that occurs, and there were a great deal of individuals being despiteful towards Bebe on Instagram and Twitter, and I simply believed it was my location, although I didn’t concur with her choice, it does not necessitate hate towards anybody. It’s not Bebe’s fault. If you put it into point of view, it’s a program, overcome it! We’re expected to do this. Simply root for who you desire to root for without tearing somebody else down if you do not concur. I understand exactly what it seems like to be on the other end of that, so I do not desire that for any person. I ‘d rather state something about it. I seem like it’s the ideal thing to do. I cannot manage the fans, however the least I can do is attempt to put a message of peace out there.

Since the fans came for you hard throughout your season,

Oh woman, do not get me began!

So how do you feel about Bebe after this? You 2 ready?

I seem like Bebe and I are simply 2 grownups, and we managed the scenario appropriately. We’ve discussed it, I still do not concur, which’s alright due to the fact that grownups do not constantly need to settle on every scenario. We do not have to stay on it due to the fact that it does not make sense to collect energy like that. I’m informing myself, “Live your life, girl.”

Now I wish to speak about your appearances. Y our runway was perfect, however the judges docked it for not being disco enough and for getting your age recommendations incorrect, particularly when Ru read you for the France Joli minute.

When I stated my recommendations were all over the location, I didn’t imply that they were messy and unpleasant; I understood exactly what I was doing, and exactly what I performed was exactly what I wished to carry out. I more than happy with my clothing, when I saw it, I still believe I had among the very best appearances. I had a number of messages from individuals because age that I got last night. E-mails, Facebook messages, texts, from a great deal of individuals who were truly associated with the Paradise Garage and Studio 54 age informing me, “Girl, I wore that hairstyle” or that the clothing is definitely something individuals had there. I’m not mad due to the fact that my recommendations might not have actually been concurred with by the judges, however I seem like I did my task. There’s this mistaken belief about more youthful queens that we do not know our recommendations, however likewise I was, at the time, a 23- year-old queen who went on the program and informed the world about Crystal Labeija, and Andy Warhol was really among the judges at that pageant. Individuals do not know these things, perhaps it was taken improperly, however I did understand my recommendations. When you’re getting evaluated, you’re going to fumble when you’re informed you are incorrect about something, and I still wait “Frances Jolie.” I’m not going to state it France Joli since that’s so additional! You understand exactly what, she would’ve been happy. I still regard Ru, and it is her task to inform the kids. I do not take that for given.

Now the twist is lastly here, and Thorgy and Milk both have actually hinted that it is going to be grand and a remarkable TELEVISION minute. There is even a theory about some lip-sync fights à la Burlesque, where one woman lip-syncs to take the area of another woman. Are you all set for your vengeance?

Honestly, I do not even remember exactly what took place at this moment. I’m simply stating something’s going to occur, it’s going to be enjoyable, it’s going to be fantastic.

But how do the Spice Girls play into the difficulty RuVenge?

You understand, I truly simply believe that everybody in the house will need to see and wait.

Finally, the number of hamburgers from Hamburger Mary’s have you had, sis?

Well, thinking about the episode simply aired last night, I’ve not gotten my reward. I will be an exceptionally revolting human being and splash my hamburgers in catsup when it does occur.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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