See the Moment Nikki Bella Found Out She Was Going to Be on Dancing With destiny

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Lace up those dancing shoes!

Nikki Bella was provided the remarkable chance to carry out on Dancing With destiny in 2015. Although it was a big profession chance for the twin, her sibling Brie Bella was less than delighted when she initially heard the news while the 2 remained in New York doing press.

“So Nicole gets this call and she walks away and looks super sneaky,” Brie shared. Given that Nikki kept offering Brie the side-eye when she was on the phone, it was a little off putting to Brie when Nikki would not share exactly what her secret call had to do with. “I might be booked for the next three months,” Nikki exposed cryptically.

Obviously Brie was going to require a bit more than that. “I got reserved on Dancing with destiny,” she whispered to her sibling. Brie’s other half Daniel Bryan fasted to use Nikki a congratulations, however Brie was a little irritated. “It’s exciting, but it’s like, Bryan, she is supposed to give all her time right now to Birdie Bee and the wine,” Brie shared.

“We literally just cleared our schedules for the next three months to fully concentrate on our two companies we have right now,” Brie shared. Nikki ensured her that she would be completely dedicated their organisation endeavors however Brie was not purchasing it.

“What’s more important? Birdie Bee and wine, which is our lives until the end of time,” Brie asked her. “Or something you’re gonna do for three months?” If the stress weren’t currently high, Bryan included his 2 cents. “We’re so happy for you, but if Birdie Bee fails, it’s your fault,” Bryan joked. You understand, no pressure!

See the amazing minute in the clip above!

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