Snakes, 13 s, & & Joe Alwyn! See All The Easter Eggs Hidden In Taylor Swift’s End Game Video!

Taylor Swift understands ways to make a video.

As we formerly reported, the blonde pop starlet dropped her Joseph Kahn– directed End Game visual at midnight on Friday. And, like exactly what she’s provided for her other Reputation– period videos, Miz Swift has actually gotten on Tumblr to like (AKA back) specific fan theories.

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Now, if you believe End Game is easter egg totally free, than kid are you incorrect. Thanks to sneaky Swifties on social networks, we’ve found out that felines, 13 s, snakes, and partner Joe Alwyn are all referenced in the video.

Here are ALL of the theories Taylor has actually reacted to …

It appears that the End Game celebration taking place in London is implied to commemorate her primary guy (and possible End Game man).

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We must likewise discuss that the celebration at the end is expected to be a New Year’s Eve celebration. In case you forgot, TayTay has actually a tune entitled New Year’s Eve on Reputation, where she speaks about being all in with a beau. mustlikeme4me-she-found-her-end-game

Oh, yes. And let us not ignore the letter J locket that the hitmaker is using. In Call It What You Want, Taylor discussed she desired “to wear his initial on a chain round [her] neck.” Please discover the proof (listed below).

Swift has actually definitely accepted her “snake” track record. For beginners, the nation crooner turned pop feeling put on a snakeskin fit in the Tokyo scenes. She later on drank on a snake straw. Not to discuss, a shot of the chart topper playing Snake is likewise included.

http://ts-1989 thisloveisglowing-it-looks-like-shes-wearing-a is-that-a-fucking-snake-straw-im-throwing-hands nurseaddison-taylor-isnt-a-snake-shes-playing

In her resurgence video, Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor absolutely highlighted the “snake” image, however has actually because recommended in other works that there is a MAJOR distinction in between her public and personal personalities. Fair enough.

Of course, being a popular feline girl, it wasn’t unexpected to see that a feline was identified in the background of the video. andweweredancindancin-peep-the-cat-in-the

While old Taylor might be dead in the ground (might she rest in peace), the brand-new Taylor hasn’t ignored her, as she referenced Dear John and Begin Again in End Game seleniftie-im-shining-like-fireworks-over-your jessicaswiftie1989- wellmovetoanisland-she-is

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things briefly got a shout out too. heres-a-toast-to-my-real-friends

A couple of extra easter eggs that have yet to be backed by Taylor consist of:

Shots of Taylor being a typical woman, like consuming at a kebab store (listed below) likewise have significance as it’s stated the UK locations included in the video are ones she’s checked out with Alwyn.

So charming!

Well, there you have it !! Did YOU identify all these concealed messages???

SOUND OFF in the remarks (listed below)!

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