Some Good Facial Expressions From The Bachelor’s Gross ‘After the Final Rose’ Episode

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Screenshot: ABC

Last night, The Bachelor handled to rob 2 extra hours from my life with an additional “After the Final Rose” episode. This took place because on Monday night, ABC chose it would be much better to reveal us a female sobbing for 30 minutes directly.

That female, Becca Kufrin, was ultimately revealed as the next Bachelorette– the least everybody might do, truly. Initially, in last night’s episode, we lastly found exactly what took place after Arie, an odd male with the temperament and psychological intelligence of a stork, broke off his engagement with Becca and chose to offer it a go with Lauren. Think exactly what– she felt great about it!

He informs her he is a “thousand percent” over Becca which proposing to her was a “mistake.” To Lauren, age 25, his total absence of compassion or psychological accessory to his ex-fiancée is in some way not a HUGE RED FLAG and she forgives him for breaking up with her on nationwide tv. We likewise find that Arie at first connected to Lauren on Instagram (great) while he was still with Becca, which is, once again, terrible. Does Lauren desire to offer it another shot? “Duh!” she informs Arie, then they do this:

Screenshot: ABC


Murder me !!!!!

Anyway, the only favorable feature of The Bachelor at this moment is the moderate catharsis that originates from seeing a shitty person get booed on nationwide tv, and from understanding I will never ever need to see him smush his broken lips on another female for the rest of my life.

The response shots were respectable, too. Here’s a group of previous participants discussing how “manipulative” he is:


Here’s Becca inexplicably forgiving this male, in front of a female who is having none of it:

( Arie, by the method, discussed his extremely public separation approach with these ridiculous words: “I think that the reason why I did it in the way that I did it was because I wanted everyone here and at home to know that this was on me. And it wasn’t on you.” What?)


Here’s Bekah M. crying/cringing (?) when Lauren comes onstage to welcome Arie:

When she comes out,

“I can’t imagine what’s going through your head right now,” Chris Harrison states to Lauren.


“Yeah, me either,” she responds, smiling.

Lauren, who hasn’t viewed the ending, thinks Arie “couldn’t have gone about it in a more respectful way, and I am really proud of him.”

Arie then proposes to Lauren while his ex-fiancée is backstage. Bekah, who has actually been a genuine ham– truthfully, as an aside, I ‘d truly enjoy to see exactly what 22- year-old Bekah with a K would make with a hareem of male suitors– does this:


Yes, I entirely concur.

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