Stephen Colbert sneak peeks Donald Trump’s State of the Union address

colbert trump - Stephen Colbert sneak peeks Donald Trump's State of the Union address

Tuesday night, President Donald Trump will provide his very first State of the Union address to Congress. Will it be polarizing? Practically. Will you be seeing? Without doubt.

Among those who will be prepared to weigh in is Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show( and executive manufacturer of Showtime’s brand-new animated Trump-tweaking series, Our Cartoon President). For the very first time in nearly a year, Colbert will do a live episode of The Late Show to respond to the State of the Union address, and he informs EW that this installation will be “the most significant political occasion of the year, 2nd just to Ben Carson’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

What’s one assurance that Colbert’s happy to make about President Trump’s speech? “It will make me miss Barack Obama. And George W. Bush. And pretty much every other president,” he quips. “Word on the street is that instead of ‘Hail to the Chief,’ Trump is going to enter to the Commodores’ 1977 funk classic ‘Brick House.’”

And exactly what’s one assurance that he will make about his own response to the speech? “My reaction to the State of the Union probably won’t be very positive,” states Colbert. “But it won’t be as bad as some of his supporters, who are hoping for a State of the Confederacy.”

In any case, Colbert will use a practical technique to make it through the wild night. “My approach is to strap in, buckle up, keep my hands inside the vehicle, and hold tight,” he states. “It’s going to be a roller coaster of a night, and just like on a roller coaster, I may end up throwing up.”

Colbert’s visitors that night consist of Pod Save America hosts Tommy Vietor, Jon Favreau, and Jon Lovett, in addition to Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson of 2 Dope Queens Chris Stapleton will act as the musical visitor.

The episode will air on CBS at 11: 35 p.m. ET (postponed on the West Coast) from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

Other late-night talk programs are prepping unique programs for the SOTU phenomenon: Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Opposition with Jordan Klepper will go live, while ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live will invite Stormy Daniels, the pornography star with whom Trump supposedly had an affair.

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