Stormy Daniels Denies She Had an Affair With Donald Trump

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In an enviably timed about-face, adult movie star Stormy Daniels released a declaration on Tuesday rejecting that she had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump in 2006, which would have made up an adulterous affair on his part.

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that a month prior to the 2016 election Michael Cohen, a lawyer for Donald Trump, organized to pay Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence about the supposed affair. A couple of days later on, InTouch released the complete records of an interview it carried out with Daniels in 2011, at which point she vouched for lots of salacious (or simply silently disturbing?) information of a supposed hook-up with Trump. :


IT: Was the sex romantic?

Stormy: It was book generic. It wasn’t like, “Oh my God, I love you.” He wasn’t like Fabio or anything. He wasn’t aiming to have, like, pornography sex.

IT: Did he state anything to you throughout?

Stormy: Nothing freaky. Like, “Oh yeah, that feels good. That’s amazing.” You understand. It was one position, exactly what you would anticipate somebody his age to do. It wasn’t bad. Do not get me incorrect.


Daniels composed in a much and brand-new briefer declaration on Tuesday:

“Over the past few weeks I have been asked countless times to comment on reports of an alleged sexual relationship I had with Donald Trump many, many, many years ago. The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006, 2011, 2016, 2017 and now again in 2018. I am not denying the affair because I was paid ‘hush money’ as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying this affair because it never happened.”


Daniels stated she had “no further comment” on the matter, however we will see. Her interview wth Jimmy Kimmel airs simply after Trump’s Sate of the Union address this night.

It type of feels less like an absolutely earnest, thoughtful rejection and more like an ad for the SOTU, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Stormy Daniels’ Instagram all rolled into one.

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