Survivor: Ghost Island cast was informed prior to video game about last 4 twist

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Controversy emerged throughout the Sur vivor: Healers vs. heroes vs. Hustlers finale when it was exposed that no one would be voted out at the last 4 which 2 individuals rather would fight in a fire-making tiebreaker rather. That implied that the individual who was guaranteed to go house in 4th location, Ben Driebergen, rather made it into the finals, where he beat Chrissy Hofbeck and Ryan Ulrich.

Conspiracy theorists (consisting of a couple of previous gamers) relied on social networks to implicate the program of some dubious shenanigans to ensure that Ben made it to the end, basically charging the program with developing the twist on the fly to obtain its selected entrant– and presumed fan favorite– to the million-dollar check.

As somebody that has actually reported thoroughly on this program considering that it very first burst on the scene in the summertime of 2000, I do not under any situations think anything was rigged at the last minute to obtain a particular gamer into the finals. A practices and requirements associate from CBS is on area at all times to make sure all problems of fairness are followed. This consists of things as little as making sure that host Jeff Probst provides the specific very same directions to all people prior to an obstacle. The program takes its stability really seriously.

That does not suggest I am a fan of the last 4 twist. While the brand-new wrinkle was not take into location to assist the gamer Ben particularly, it was put in location to assist a gamer like Ben– or Malcolm Freberg in Survivor: Philippines, or Kelley Wentworth in Survivor: Cambodia, or David Wright in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X— considered the most deserving to win who then gets cut right prior to the finals. That’s basically exactly what Probst informed me after the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers ending.

“This idea came about to solve a problem that has bothered me for years,” stated Probst. “If someone plays a great game and gets to the final four, it has always bothered me that the other three can simply say, ‘We can’t beat him so let’s all just vote him out.’ So this year we decided to make a change. If you get to final four, you are guaranteed a shot to earn your way to the end.  And if you are the one to win the final four challenge, you are in charge of who you take and who you force to fight for it in a fire-making showdown. And of course, it goes without saying, we got lucky with a huge million-dollar showdown between Ben and Devon. It was electric.”

Personally, I discover there being no vote-out at the last 4 to be an extension of the domino effect started when the program moved from a last 2 to last 3 format back in season 13 due to the fact that the very best gamer was frequently cut at the 3 area, resulting in an underwhelming last option– which, undoubtedly, was an issue. Probst and I have had a friendly and healthy dispute about that relocation for over a years, and now might get to go over and discuss this newest twist moving on. That’s due to the fact that the last 4 fire-making difficulty is not, by any ways, a one-and-done thing. “Yes, that will be a brand-new format modification, and will appear in next season, Survivor: Ghost Island,” Probst informed me then.

But I’m not the only one he informed. Unlike the candidates of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, who were blindsided by the relocation, the gamers of Ghost Island(which premieres Feb. 28 on CBS) were, in reality, notified of it prior to the season started and might for that reason plan around it understanding that somebody would not be voted out at the 4 area.

This ended up being clear when I asked each of the Ghost Island cast members a couple of days prior to recording started to call their preferred Survivor twist ever and Bradley Kleihege reacted, “I think my favorite twist is the twist at final four where the person who wins picks a person and the other two make fire.” But how did Bradley even understand about that twist considering that the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers season in which it was released had not even aired? Some additional digging discovered that yes, the gamers were notified by production prior to the season began about the brand-new twist. Why?

The factor is quite easy, and a concern of timing. Production likes the cast of a season to be captured up on all the most recent additions and modifications to the video game’s format when they head out to play (so that method they do not appear unaware about things audiences currently learn about, having actually viewed it play out on TELEVISION). Because Ghost Island began recording simply a couple of weeks after Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers completed recording (and prior to it had actually aired), they would not have actually seen the brand-new advancement and for that reason needed to be notified by production so they depended on speed like the audiences by the time their season struck TELEVISION.

It otherwise would appear a bit odd for the season 36 gamers to be all stunned and puzzled at the ending by a last 4 twist that we, as audiences, all understood was coming. Letting the candidates learn about the modification in format basically puts gamers and audiences on the exact same page entering into the season, that makes overall sense.

It now will be fascinating to see how the candidates respond equipped with this brand-new understanding about exactly what occurs as soon as they come down to 4 gamers, and similarly fascinating to see if the program stays with it heading into season 37 in the fall. While, as specified, I am not a fan of the brand-new last 4 format, I do believe the program has to continue to take dangers and attempt things out to progress and remain fresh, and for that reason I do not resent the manufacturers providing it a trial run for a season or 2.

You need to experiment when you are approaching 40 seasons of a program, and there is absolutely nothing incorrect with a few of those experiments not exercising. It is to be anticipated. I simply personally hope this specific wrinkle is not here to remain. If it is, the silver lining is that it provides Probst and me a brand-new healthy argument in which to engage, and those are constantly enjoyable.

Speaking of discussing things, I asked all 20 of the Ghost Island castmembers to expose their choices for the very best Survivor twist ever, and you can see their reactions in the video above. And not that anybody asked me, however my preferred twist is most likely the phony combine in Survivor: Thailand Fantastic.

Survivor: Ghost Island premieres Feb. 28 on CBS. For an insane quantity of protection of the upcoming season, take a look at our Survivor center and follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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