Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review

The Sword Art Online anime presents the concern of exactly what occurs when virtual video games have life-or-death repercussions? Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a video game that presents the concern of “what happens if you turn an anime about a roleplaying game into an uninspired action-RPG?” While it’s a great modification of speed from the faux-MMORPG adjustments we’ve seen from this series, it still does not rather strike the target.

Fatal Bullet puts you on the planet of Gun Gale Online, the enormously multiplayer online VR video game seen in Sword Art Online II. Naturally, it’s not truly VR, and it’s just partly online, however it’s all part of the fiction. You start as a beginner to Gun Gale Online, tailoring an initial avatar character and venturing into the world together with your pal, Kureha. On your first objective, you come across among Gun Gale Online’s rarest discovers: a smart, humanoid AI called ArFA-sys. It’s not long after declaring your treasure that you fulfill the remainder of the Sword Art Online team and get the chance to socialize with popular faces from the anime like Kirito and Sinon.

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