Taylor Swift Files Trademark for ‘Big Reputation’

Taylor Swift Gon na Ca$ h in My ‘Big Reputation’ and My John Hancock!!!


Taylor Swift is counting on her credibility … check that, her “Big Reputation,” and ditto on her signature.

The vocalist’s business– TAS Rights Management, LLC– submitted docs to lock down the rights to “Big Reputation” … which is a lyric in her tune “End Game,” off her newest album, “Reputation.”

Taytay’s aiming to slap “Big Reputation” on a lot of merch– consisting of sunglasses, mobile phone cases, gloves and pajamas. She’s likewise locking down her “Taylor Swift” signature … for bathrobes, hair pins, dolls and toy radiance sticks.

It’s fascinating … she’s been hawking merch with her signature given that 2009, however the hallmark relocation would provide her more legal defense versus knockoffs. Take that, piracy!

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