Taylor Swift On Alert As Police Investigate Potential Gun-Wielding Stalker Posing As Boyfriend

It is constantly SO scary whenever things like this occurs …

A 58- year-old male is walking around declaring he’s Taylor Swift‘s sweetheart, which he requires a weapon to safeguard her, and he’s obviously done enough with his strange shenanigans that it’s drawing the attention of the cops.

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Law enforcement sources in New Hampshire reported by means of TMZ today that the male had actually been at a police headquarters in the state for voluntary questioning on an unassociated case when he began to boast he was the vocalist’s sweetheart.

He then went on to reveal the police officers text that were from a sender called “Taylor Swift” in his phone. That certainly might’ve been any person, and nearly certainly wasn’t Taylor herself, however … here we are.

Things got truly worrying to the New Hampshire cops, however, when the male began to ask the number of states it was legal to drive through with his New Hampshire hid bring weapons allow.

What the fuck?!?!

He later on stated he required a weapon to safeguard Taylor “in Africa.” No word on exactly what’s up with that– it does not appear Swift will be going to Africa quickly, if ever– however the concept that he was inquiring about a weapon livened up police’s ears.

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He devoted no criminal offense, however police officers have actually been attempting to get in contact with Taylor’s camp to alert her about this man, and offer his name (which was not shared openly). Frightening, frightening things.

Let’s hope she’s taking all security safety measures required, since prospective stalkers and crazed fans like this are no joke!

[ Image by means of Adam Bielawski/WENN]

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