Taylor Swift Stalker Charged of Threatening to Eliminate Her and Her Household

Taylor Swift, Frank Andrew Hoover

Getty Images/Travis County Sheriffs Department

One of Taylor Swift‘s stalkers is dealing with brand-new charges after district attorneys exposed e-mails where he supposedly threatened to eliminate her and her household.

In November 2016, Texas guy Frank Andrew Hoover was apprehended for breaking a limiting order Swift had actually gotten versus him after he supposedly stalked her after her performance at a Formula 1 race in October. Cops likewise stated at the time that he had actually sent out constant e-mails to her dad, Scott Swift, from August to October 27.

Hoover was accuseded of stalking and consistently breaking the order after district attorneys stated they revealed e-mails he had actually supposedly sent out to Swift’s dad in between May 2016 and October 2016, threatening to eliminate the star and her whole household, Fox News and TMZ reported on Thursday.

Hoover and Swift and her household have actually not commented. He is set to appear in court next week.

The contents of the e-mails were exposed in the indictment, Fox News and TMZ stated. In the messages, Hoover supposedly informed the household, who he called the “evil family of devils,” to “enjoy the brain aneurysms and death” as well as supposedly stated, “Decided that we are going to end all the Swifts on one day because I can’t stand that virus s–t your daughter spread.”

Another e-mail just mentioned, “Go to hell, Swift,” inning accordance with Fox News.

Swift has actually been the target of stalkers prior to.

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that New Hampshire authorities had actually signaled her agents that a guy declared to be her sweetheart and discussed requiring a weapon to safeguard her. Swift has actually not commented.

In May 2017, a guy was prosecuted for loitering outside her Tribeca house for 3 months. He was stated unsuited to stand trial and was put in the custody of the New York State Office of Mental Health.

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