Teenagers Do Regrettable Things, Like Date Scott Disick

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The Daily Telegraph asked Lionel Richie exactly what he considered his child Sofia dating Scott Disick, and let’s put it in this manner, she has her entire life ahead of her! He informs the Telegraph, by means of Page Six:

When you’re 19 you understand whatever,

Is it going to be for life? I do not know. For right now it’s simply a stage and I’m going to stand genuine still in the corner, get me an excellent beverage and not make too much sound.

A stage, an episode, a chapter, a time period defined by having a start, as well as an ending. He states he does not actually understand exactly what to think about the “well-oiled Kardashian machine,” however she’s refraining from doing Tide Pods, so.

“I told Sofia I will have no opinion,” he includes. “I’ll continue to be my cheerful self and move on.”

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston’s joint declaration revealing their separation on Thursday struck sadly ideal in the middle of an uneventful chatter cycle which currently has a great deal of airtime to fill. Fox even made an in memoriam retrospective video with violins and piano. Could not they have done it while everybody had their hands complete with the Jenner child? Here’s whatever tangentially associated to the occasion:


  • The genuine factor: she does not look after New York. [ Page Six, United States Weekly]
  • The genuine factor: they are really various individuals. [ People]
  • The genuine factor: he’s “really bored” with her Hollywood crowd. [ Page Six]
  • They hung out on Valentine’s Day. [ People]
  • They signed an “ironclad” $225 million prenup [Fox News, Inquisitr, Radar Online]
  • Jennifer Aniston is socializing with her ex now. [Mirror]
  • Justin Theroux is likewise socializing with other individuals. [Daily Mail]

The Lifetime Channel’s Meghan Markle movie, a possibly explosive exposé of hot royal action, anticipated to drop around the royal wedding event, has actually cast remarkable look-a-likes of Princess Diana and the Queen.


  • J Law likewise wishes to know exactly what’s happening with the Karlie Kloss-Taylor Swift separation. [ People]
  • Bieber’s pastor gets in the news once again. [New York Post]
  • Quincy Jones‘s give-no-fucks interview keeps drawing outrage; now Joe Jackson is mad with him for calling Michael Jackson “Machiavellian” and stated he “stole a lot of stuff.” [ Page Six]
  • Super adorable image of Drake gifting pre-dental trainee Destiny James with a huge $50,000 scholarship look for University of Miami. [Instagram]
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