Telli Swift Gets Her Dream Proposal and Kaylin Jurrjens Considers Motherhood on the Season Finale of WAGS Atlanta

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Tonight’s two-hour season ending of WAGS Atlanta ended with some bling and a bang!

Mom-to-be Telli Swift had more on her brain than simply an infant. After waiting on sweetheart Deontay Wilder to propose, Telli thought about getting a location of her own to reveal her boo that she indicates company.

“I went to look for spots to take myself out of this stressful situation,” Telli informed Deontay.

Though it appeared like Deontay was pressing back on the concept of marital relationship, the champ fighter was in fact taking a look at rings.

“I love the girl though. She got my heart. That’s my baby, that’s my best friend,” Deontay informed good friends C.J. Mosley and Andre Caldwell

At the couple’s sex expose celebration Deontay amazed Telli with a sweet pledge and a huge rock to be the guy she’s constantly desired.

But prior to all that, Kaylin Jurrjens had some mommy responsibilities of her own to look after. After attempting her hand at childcare Kierra Douglas‘ child, Harrison, Kaylin started seriously thinking about ending up being a mom in spite of her bookings.

“At this point, I’ve taken a major step in my career that I’m super excited about. J.J. has an opportunity to get back into baseball once again and really the only thing that’s missing right now is starting a family,” Kaylin admitted.

While Kaylin fretted that she could not manage profession and household, her time invested with Harrison made her understand that not just is she predestined to be a mom, however she truly can have all of it.

When it comes to their relationship, Kesha Norman and her guy C.J. have actually conquered some significant difficulties, however they aren’t done.

Kesha and C.J. checked out a brain expert to look for treatment for exactly what might be football-induced CTE, a degenerative brain illness discovered in individuals who have actually experienced duplicated brain injury.

The signs you’re having are normal signs of CTE, however that does not imply it needs to be progressive always,” a physician informed the couple.

The medical professional created a treatment strategy that will work to bring back C.J.’s brain function to his pre-football days.

“I think now with us learning more about what is possible, it allows us to be ahead of the curve. So, we’re able to treat it and be supportive of one another,” Kesha stated.

Watch whatever that decreased in the legendary two-hour ending in the wrap-up video above.

Watch the two-hour season ending of WAGS Atlanta Wednesday at 10, just on E!

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