Telli Swift Wants “The Ring” From Deontay Wilder But He’s Still on the Fence About Marriage on WAGS Atlanta

rs 600x600 180122130715 Telli Swift Deontay Wilder1 - Telli Swift Wants "The Ring" From Deontay Wilder But He's Still on the Fence About Marriage on WAGS Atlanta

She desires the ring!

Telli Swift has actually been really singing this season on WAGS Atlanta about wishing to wed her partner, fighter Deontay Wilder Deontay does not appear to be in as huge a rush to close the offer with his woman. Perhaps some bling might alter his mind?

“I got something for you,” Deontay informs her. “Diamonds!” While Telli is thrilled about the unforeseen present, she’s hoping this diamond is unique. “Is it going to be the diamond,” Telli tips to him. Could this be an unscripted engagement?

After Deontay’s jewelry expert Harry Glinberg shows up, Telli right away begins trying out diamond rings. A few of them even fit completely. It’s fate! Naturally, Deontay is aiming to convince her into getting a good bracelet rather.

“But I have bracelets,” Telli describes. “I know, but you got rings too,” Deontay quips. They might go back and forth on this subject for days. “You’re moving too fast,” Deontay jokes while playfully aiming to get the ring she’s trying out back. He might have left it this time, however it does not appear like Telli’s going to let this subject go without a battle.

See it all decrease in the clip above!

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