Terrell Owens Gets Stem Cell Surgery, Video Is Gnarly

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Terrell Owens Gets Stem Cell Surgery … Video Is Gnarly


Terrell Owens went under the knife for a stem cell treatment to assist fix his tendons, joints and ligaments … and TMZ Sports was welcomed into the operating space for the treatment!!!

Break out your scalpel and your O.R. scrubs– it’s about to get ALL SURGICAL UP IN HERE!!!

Here’s the offer … Owens went to Dr. Raj from the Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute for a treatment he basically referred to as bone marrow-derived stem cell injections.

So, exactly what does that suggest? He takes stem cells from the hip bone and injects them into harmed locations of the body.

“I’m utilizing regenerative cells to regenerate and repair joints, tendons, and ligaments,” Raj informs us.

“It’s minimally invasive. In T.O.’s case, he damaged himself from years and years of football. He had both knees, both shoulders, both elbows (triceps tendonitis) and right hip done.”

Owens states the relocation isn’t really part of an NFL resurgence– he simply wishes to remain healthy and sensation excellent as he strikes his mid-40 s.

When the doc hammers the syringe into T.O.’s hip for the extraction,

The video of the treatment is very fascinating– particularly!

How dope is medication?!

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