The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez Discusses Why Her Mommy Reported Her “Missing”

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Bekah Martinez didn’t wind up with the last rose, however she did wind up on a missing out on individual’s list.

Jimmy Kimmel asked the just recently removed candidate about her now-famous disappearance on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

For those in Bachelor Nation who aren’t rather captured up, a representative for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office just recently informed the North Coast Journal that Martinez’s mom reported her missing on Nov.18 Inning accordance with the representative, the 22- year-old baby-sitter from Fresno, Calif. had actually gone to Humboldt County to deal with a cannabis farm however had not called her mom because Nov. 12.

Now, Martinez is recommending the entire thing is a huge misconception.

“Alright, let me set the record straight,” she informed Kimmel. “First of all, a great deal of individuals believed I lied to my mom stating that I was on a farm when I was really on The Bachelor No, I had actually currently been removed from the program and I simply chose to go up to the mountains with some pals for a couple of weeks, and I was there for 6 or 7 days without phone service, which I believed I was going to have phone service and I informed my mom that I would.”

Martinez, who passed Bekah M. on The Bachelor, stated that she got this “weird feeling” that she had to go house right away on the seventh or 6th day of her journey. She drove to a location where she got cellular service and called her moms and dads. It was then that she discovered her mom had actually reported her missing simply 12 hours in the past.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office representative informed the North Coast Journal a deputy talked to Martinez on the phone and eliminated her from the missing out on individual’s list.

Still, there was one point on which Kimmel wasn’t clear.

“So you were not on a marijuana farm?” he asked her.

“Is that what it was? Was that a marijuana farm that I was on?” Martinez quipped prior to describing her pals had a cannabis farm up there. She likewise clarified that she’s “not a weed farmer” which she’s still a baby-sitter in Los Angeles.

“Yeah, when you’re watching kids you don’t want to be known as the weed farmer,” Kimmel stated.

Watch the video to see the interview.

The Bachelor’s Arie Luyendyk Jr. sent out Martinez packaging after a group date in Tuscany with fellow participants Kendall and Tia

When Kimmel asked Martinez how she’s been feeling because the removal, she responded, “You know, I’m hanging in there. It was shocking for me, as well. But, I’m picking up the pieces as I go along.”

Then once again, Luyendyk Jr. might not have actually been the guy of her dreams. While Martinez informed Kimmel she had actually wished to go on The Bachelor for several years, she confessed she was initially hoping a various guy would be distributing the roses.

” Well, I was hoping it would be Peter [ Kraus], however it wound up being Arie,” she stated.

To see who Luyendyk Jr. winds up selecting, watch The Bachelor Monday nights at 8: 00 p.m. EST.

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