The finest shotguns in Destiny 2

destiny 2 best shotgun good bone structure - The finest shotguns in Destiny 2

ByStaff, Thursday, 23 November 2017 07: 43 GMT

Destiny 2’s shotguns are not a default Crucible option, however the very best ones still load an effective punch.

Shotguns are a preferred option of nimble, up-close enters Destiny 2, and under finest conditions their damage output is high enough that they’re one shot eliminates.

Still, shotguns aren’t as fatal as they remained in D1– and for that we can most likely be happy; Destiny 2’s meta is far more differed as an outcome, although swords have actually probably fallen under the space left by shotguns. You can still have a respectable time in PvE with shotties in Destiny 2, however accuracy and closing variety is even more essential, so make sure to obtain those barrels right up under the opponent’s chin prior to you expend your ammunition.

In PvE, a shotgun comes in handy for rapidly blasting majors or protected opponents like Minotaurs– particularly if you understand exactly what component you’ll be up versus and can mod to match. You should bring a kinetic energy weapon with some variety on it!

On this page, part of our Destiny 2 guide, we’ll diminish the very best shotguns for PvE and PvP. Combine this with our guidance on the very best armour qualities in Destiny 2 and our lists of armour sets and where to discover them, and you have whatever you have to craft a best Destiny 2 develop.

The finest shotgun on Destiny 2 truly depends upon how you wish to utilize it and your ability with these unwieldy monsters, however if you check out those we suggest here we’re quite sure you’ll discover one you like.

Note that the viewpoints revealed here are originated from the state of the Destiny 2 PvP and PvE meta throughout Season 1 (September2017 onwards). A significant rebalance is anticipated when Season 2 starts, and we’ll upgrade when the dust settles.

Let’s dive on into the very best shotguns in Destiny 2.


Best no-frills shotgun: Good Bone Structure

If you just look at base qualities,

GoodBone Structure is the finest shotgun in Destiny 2. With middle of the roadway effect and reload speed, it has much better than typical goal help, variety and stability; a comfortably-sized mag; and exceptional handling. As a Precision paradigm shotgun its rate of fire is quite low, although much better than the Aggressive designs, and it has no apparent weak points– unlike all the other members of its household. This all round upper tier average and its outstanding (for a shotgun) handling are exactly what make it so precious in Crucible and PvE regardless of its absence of intriguing benefits; it feels a lot like D1’s Chaperone, if that was your kick.

  • “This one is a real looker.”
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Good Bone Structure
  • Found in: Gunsmith, Faction and random drop Legendary engrams
  • Alternative: First in, Last Out is the popular option, however look out for the low goal help.


Best shotgun for enormous damage: Somerled- D

If you’re simply trying to find a shotgun to provide one almighty effective hit, the Aggressive paradigm has you covered. There are 3 excellent options in this household and we’re backing Somerled- D as the leading choice since it’s the most customisable and easy to use: you can modify it to your favored design of play, and you do not have to be a professional gamer to make one of the most of it. Also, its Threat Detector quality makes it even more fatal when opponents are nearby, which– well, it’s a shotgun, right? You can see why that makes it an excellent boomstick. The Trials of the Nine shotgun A Sudden Death has the very same perk, however is far less versatile.

  • “Heroes are not born, but made.”
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Somerled- D
  • Found in: Gunsmith engrams
  • Alternative: Baligant is a Crucible preferred thanks to the Snapshot perk, however unless you’re a PvP hound who truly utilizes that you’ll discover it difficult to wield.


Best rapid-fire shotgun: Hawthorne’s Field-ForgedShotgun

There are 3 shotguns that might be called fast fire and 2 of them have a complete vehicle mode. Of this collection, Hawthorne’s Field-ForgedShotgun is our outright favourite– offered you can load a Power weapon recoil counterbalance mod if you’re pursuing little targets. Nothing in the shotgun classification pumps out pellets quicker than this typical drop, which likewise boasts a great reload speed and strong goal help. As a light-weight shotgun it increases your motion speed, which is charming, and it has some excellent benefits to pick from to match it to your playstyle and the task at hand. Its just significant disadvantage is the quantity of time you’ll invest without ammunition

  • “What am I supposed to put here? ‘It’s a gun. Kill bad guys with it.’”– Suraya Hawthorne
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Hawthorne’s Field-ForgedShotgun
  • Found in: EDZ, Gunsmith, Faction and random drop Legendary engrams
  • Alternative: Unification VII is the other full-auto shotgun and has much better variety, however lower goal help.


BestExotic shotgun: Legend of Acrius

It’s no surprise Legend of Acrius is so bloody tough to obtain: it’s an outright monster throughout both PvE and PvP. Its rate of fire puts it in the Aggressive paradigm however it strikes more difficult than any of its brethren and has tremendous huge variety for a shotgun, with excellent stability and goal help to boot. The recoil isn’t really half bad, though the handling is an ideal discomfort and will require time to adapt to– however when you get it ideal it strikes like an asteroid, and over-penetrates to boot. You just get 4 shots however you will not require more. We enjoy the Long March radar extension for finding opponents prior to they discover us. Shut down supers. Mow down majors. Lovely.

  • “In the Cabal legend, a hero seeks to possess the sun. He succeeds. Then, he becomes Emperor. The Cabal… are not a subtle people.”– Tyra Karn
  • View on Destiny Tracker: Legend of Acrius
  • Found in: On The Comms Leviathan Raid weapon mission
  • Alternative: Tractor Cannon can be enjoyable. Bring it to Distant Shore in Control mode and await somebody to leap round the pillars, then blow them withdraw into area. Ha! Ha!

You might have your very own choice for the very best shotgun in Destiny 2. We’re prepared to hear your arguments.

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