The Bruno Mars Controversy Proves People Don’t Understand Cultural Appropriation

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Bruno Mars positions with the 5 Grammys he won throughout the 60 th yearly program Jan. 28, 2018, in New York City. Image: Michael Loccisano (Getty Images)

Before we start any conversation of Bruno Mars and cultural appropriation, we should set out a couple of guideline:

  1. This will not be an argument about the quality of Bruno Mars’ work. That conversation is too subjective, and nobody will ever reach an agreement on any sort of art. Plus, some individuals have shit taste in music, and I’ll be damned if I’m about to argue music with anybody who thinks 21 Savage is much better than Nas.
  2. For the sake of this argument, Bruno Mars is not black. He has a combined racial background that consists of Ashkenazi Jew, Puerto Rican and Filipino. One can discuss where he suits the African Diaspora, the significance of “blackness” or whether race is a synthetic construct. I can practically ensure that if I called him today and asked him to note his leading 5 macaroni-makers, he ‘d need to think of it for a minute, and none of the names in his leading 5 would start with the word “aunt.”
  3. Black individuals produced every kind of American music. But there is a particular, indefinable category of music that starts with R&B and includes hip-hop that we will heretofore describe as “black music.”

The furious dispute about Bruno Mars and whether he is a cultural appropriator has actually bubbled below the surface area of his profession for a while. When–

, it existed prior to he remade Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Uptown Funk” or Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Finesse.” Even.

Wait … I’m being informed that the formerly discussed tunes are Bruno Mars originals. I’m quite sure the S.O.S. Band made “24 Karat Magic.” I believe it was the B side to “Take Your Time,” so let’s utilize that as an example. What? That’s an initial tune, too? OK, I’m going to need to do a little bit more research study on this and return to you.

But prior to Bruno won a Grammy and Meshell Ndegeocello called him a karaoke vocalist, there were constantly individuals who believed that somebody put Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown into a mixer with a quarter cup of lukewarm water, a dollop of mayo and a smidge of racial uncertainty, and out came the next pop feeling.


The discussion was reignited when this clip from the Grapevine (not this one; the other one) started circling around the web:

Seren Aishitemasu, the lady in the clip makes a persuading argument breaking down why Bruno is an acquired artist who– voluntarily or not– gets to trade on his racial uncertainty.


But does that always indicate he is guilty of cultural appropriation?

There is no generally accepted meaning of the term, however it normally connects to using the art, artifacts, symbology or anything of cultural significance to a minority or nondominant group of individuals by an individual who is not because group.

What separates cultural appropriation from a cultural exchange or paying tribute is when somebody “borrows” a product or sign of cultural significance without attribution, consent or recommendation. Among the other trademarks of appropriation is utilizing somebody’s culture to demean, tease or decrease it.


Understanding the power and the meaning characteristics associated with cultural appropriation is the crucial to comprehending the idea. Due to the fact that she made no recommendation of the culture from which the design came, when Kim Kardashian put cornrows in her hair and called them “Bo Derek braids,” it was cultural appropriation.

And yes, black individuals can be cultural appropriators. When a black lady used a Native American headdress to Coachella as an outfit, she was appropriating using part of a culture’s spiritual routine as cosplay. I am typically implicated of cultural appropriation. When individuals ask how I can utilize the white guy’s web and type on a keyboard that a white guy developed and not be thought about an appropriator, I wish to discuss to them how foolish they sound, however I do not since they most likely would not comprehend the idea.


But when it concerns music and art, cultural appropriation is a difficult thing to analyze. A non-black individual’s participation in a generally witchcraft does not increase to the level of appropriation in and of itself. Bruno Mars is 32 years of ages, implying that he matured throughout a time when hip-hop and R&B ruled the charts as the most music worldwide. Anybody making music in 2018 is– by meaning– making black music, no matter their color.

To be truthful, it is incumbent on white artists to acknowledge that, even if it appears unreasonable.

Beyoncé is just doing exactly what Janet Jackson did prior to her and Diana Ross did prior to her. Beyoncé does not have to bear the concern of acknowledging that every time she steps onstage because– as a black lady– she is an inheritor of that tradition.


However, when Taylor Swift makes an album that appears like an unsweetened, gluten-free variation of Beyoncé’s Lemonade, it comes off as cultural appropriation, although it is rather possible that Taylor Swift was affected by the very same artists as Queen Bey (although, evaluating from that Swift appears like she’s doing trigonometry in her head when she’s doing dance choreography, I question it).

Some may call it a double basic or reverse bigotry to require that Swift and other white artists offer a nod to obtaining from black music and culture while not needing the very same of black artists. Being black ways you are born into the tradition of the culture. I can stroll into my granny’s home and open the fridge without asking consent. You can not.

But here is the geological fault:

Being a part of a culture– whether one is born into it or not– likewise features the obligation of being a caretaker of it. Non-blacks artists would draw our creative heritage dry without caring exactly what occurred to whomever they left in the disposed of stack if we kept our mouths closed. We provided Justin Timberlake a 2-decade get-out-of-appropriation-free pass. When he was completed doing his 20- years-long impression of an R&B vocalist, he ended up being a “Man of the Woods” and distanced himself from black music like it was Janet Jackson’s left titty.


There are black artists who have actually jumped to Bruno Mars’ defense, stating that he is innocent of appropriation. As somebody who is just partially familiar with his music, each time I have actually seen him carry out, offer an interview or get an award, consisting of the Grammy, he has actually ensured to acknowledge that he was affected by black music practically solely.

So, based upon the meaning of cultural appropriation, is Bruno Mars guilty?


Every single word Seren stated was proper, however none of it specified cultural appropriation.


But I have a theory about individuals who implicate Bruno Mars of cultural theft:

Maybe they are tired of seeing individuals like Post Malone take little bits of black culture and utilize them to make acquired, unoriginal material suggested to be tasty for white mouths. Maybe they are tired of seeing more-talented black artists outperformed by beige beginners who pass the paper-bag test and do not offer white individuals the heebie-jeebies. It is possible that they are overzealous custodians of their culture.

Or perhaps they’re simply tired of seeing Bruno Mars. When Janelle Monáe was doing the very same thing for the previous years, perhaps they saw his act. When he was Chris Brown, perhaps they saw Bruno. Or Bobby Brown. Or James Brown. Or MC Hammer. Or Prince. Or Michael Jackson. Or Janet Jackson.


Or, even if he is constantly cautious to offer props, perhaps they comprehend that Kenny G is the very popular jazz instrumentalist in the contemporary period, Eminem is the very popular hip-hop artist of perpetuity and there isn’t really a black face in the leading 5 very popular music artists of perpetuity.

But they all make black music.

Trust me, they understand it.

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