The Challenge: Vendettas’ Johnny Bananas has some things to state about curses

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Warning: This short article consists of spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of The Challenge: Vendettas Check out at your very own threat!

Sure, sure, history was being made on The Bachelor tonight. Turn the dial up a couple of notches, and there was likewise some history being made on The Challenge After some apparently tactical meddling (more on that later), Devin Walker ousted the Challenge king himself, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio in a head-to-head removal.

Wait, how ‘d Johnny enter that removal in the very first location? Yeah, his friends Tony Raines turns his back on his coach and tossed him into The Ring.

And, obviously, there’s the bigger looming concern: Does Johnny’s loss provide credence to the expected curse hanging over his head since he took partner Sarah Rice’s cash prize at the end of Rivals 3? He hasn’t been to a last because …

Here’s exactly what Johnny needed to state about all of it.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did this removal feel?
JOHNNY BANANAS: Being gotten rid of draws. You never ever wish to see all the effort you put in that season, specifically this season. From all the seasons I’ve done, simply performance-wise, not to proclaim my own horn, I believed was quite skillful to this point, specifically considered that I was taking on the whole home versus me, so it was either win or generally go house every obstacle for me. I kept winning. I remained in more Troikas than anybody to this point. Simply from a competitive perspective, I was truly pleased with the method this season was going up until this injury occurred and it truly simply type of took the wind out of my sails. I normally quite positive entering into removals, clearly I constantly seem like I’m the very best man and nobody’s going to beat me, however I didn’t feel that even if of the injury that I had.

What precisely was your injury?
It’s called a hip guideline. On the automobile obstacle, when I was leaping from one automobile to the next one, I smashed my hip bone into the automobile in front of me– and I’ve never ever had this injury previously– however you have an entire lot of nerve endings on the top of your hips, and exactly what it does is it generally interrupts all the nerves. It felt like my whole leg was on fire, from generally my hip to my knee, where all those nerves are, it simply was continuously burning. And anytime I remained in bed and I rolled over, if I moved my best leg too quickly, if I sneezed, if I talked too loud, it was the most agonizing, burning discomfort that I’ve ever felt, not to point out that I had this truly gnarly, deep bone contusion on my hip. I was maimed, basically, and it’s one of those injuries that simply takes time to recover. It’s not like a contusion or a sprain you can ice it; nerves you simply need to let cool down by themselves. I still have nerve damage in my hip– there’s areas on my leg I have no sensation still, to this day. Going into that removal, I was going in at perhaps 25-30 percent of my physical capabilities.

What did you believe when you saw the removal was a puzzle?
My puzzle record is bad.

It wasn’t a bit of a relief that you would not need to be physical, offered your injury?
If we entered into a Ring and it resembled you’ve got ta get this man on the ground, I would’ve been great doing that. And most likely the adrenaline would’ve been going. This … simply wasn’t in the cards. A physical removal constantly feels much better losing to. You wish to know that you did whatever you could, not hey, I lost since I could not run backward and forward to a board enough and I didn’t keep in mind lights that were switched off as quickly as you did It was type of the ideal storm of bad things happening all at the same time.

At exactly what point did you understand that Devin had this master strategy of controling Kayleigh and Natalie?
He ‘d had a thing versus Natalie from the minute we strolled into your home. I believe a great deal of it is she rejected his advances early on, so he type of was a little upset. It’s like in grade school if you like a lady, then you’re imply to them. With Kayleigh, he was simply clearly mad that she didn’t do exactly what he desired her to do. If anything, he didn’t control anything. All he did was simply develop debate … I believe, if anything, Devin was simply pissed that he got outmaneuvered once again. The group obstacle that we lost, we were indicated to lose that and I was indicated to be enacted, simply based upon the manner in which was accumulated. If I’m on a group where we’re indicated to lose and I’m indicated to enter and they still cannot manage that maneuver, exactly what does that state about their capability to control anything? Kayleigh, who’s expected to be Devin’s friend’s sweetheart, does not even vote him in. If you ask me, that’s not precisely perfect control.

What truly occurred in between you and Kayleigh?
Um, if those restroom walls might talk, you ought to interview them.

And exactly what’s that status with you and Natalie?
We’re cool. We’re pals. The Challenge is a strange location to have any sort of relationship or anything like that, however we’re cool. I still speak to her a bit, however she’s type of off doing her own thing.

What did you believe when you saw your name turn up for the Inquisition?
I understand it was occurring.

You did? Even with Tony in the Troika?
There was a great deal of warnings this season. In previous seasons, me and Tony had actually truly been on the exact same page for a great deal of things; this season, there have actually been a couple of relocations. I would inform him this is the relocation that ought to be made and he would do the specific reverse when he was in the Troika and I wasn’t. Exactly what it appeared like this season for Tony is that he was attempting to play his own video game. Clearly, now, in hindsight, I ought to’ve seen all the warnings that he was searching for a method to obtain me from the video game, and he wound up doing it. I might’ve utilized a direct.

Is there part of you that appreciates that he did that? It type of looks like your pup simply bit you and provided you rabies.
Yeah. Basically, that’s exactly what occurred. Tony’s never ever truly been understood for making the very best choices. Simply take a look at his performance history and the important things that he’s performed in your home, and I believe, of all the choices that he’s made on The Challenge as much as this point, this may be the most inexpedient one.

So who’s your larger vendetta now, Tony or Cory?
I believe I’ve tortured Cory enough at this moment. I even informed him after this last season, I believe the war is off now. I believe you’ve done your time, you’ve discovered your lesson. From here on out, it’s simply going to be a various video game for Tony moving forward.

What about Tony versus Devin? Whose cash would you take?
I do not know. I will state this: I do not think about Devin a risk in any type, shape, or method. I believe this season, he’s a victim of scenario. He got extremely fortunate in the position that he remained in, he got fortunate that he dealt with a hurt Johnny Bananas in a puzzle– which, the chances of that ever occurring once again resemble riding a unicorn over a moon. And the only factor Devin was around as long as he was is since all the men in your home concurred that Devin’s the layup … I absolutely see Tony as more of a risk to the video game. Simply take a look at the number of Troikas the man remained in this season. I imply, Tony appeared. Tony performed this season. Devin simply discovered himself at the best location at the correct time.

What do you consider individuals stating that you’ve been cursed because taking Sarah cash?
I’ve cursed myself. The method you have to take a look at– it has absolutely nothing to do with taking Sarah’s cash. Let’s not forget, I won Champs vs. Stars last season.

Champs vs. Stars does not count. I do not count that.
Why do not you?

This is season 31; next season is 32, and Champs vs. Stars isn’t really part of that overall.
So you ought to call CT and Emily and you ought to call the Special Olympics and inform them that that contribution we made didn’t count either. It wasn’t in fact a win.

That’s not exactly what I’m stating. I’m simply stating it’s a various animal.
OK, it is a various animal, however exactly what I’m stating is that it’s still competitors, and it’s still a program, and it still needs you to appear and complete. The method I see it is the landscape has actually altered for me. For no one else however me. Due to the fact that I’ve won as much as I have– it’s the exact same thing with Tom Brady. Due to the fact that they’re the finest group, it’s like every group conserves their finest shot for the Patriots. For me, I appear to your home on day 1 and I’ve got 8 men who all are interacting in your home to take me out. There isn’t really another man in your home that has those issues to handle day 1. You take a look at each man in your home– not one of those men needs to fret about a whole home banding together to obtain rid of simply them. The only curse that is there is from me winning too much. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sarah … If anything, the “curse” is a by-product of me being as effective as I’ve been.

I understand they have not revealed the cast yet, however safe to presume we’ll see you in the next one?
There a couple of things in life that are constants: death taxes and Johnny Bananas.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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