The Hills developer states he discovered ‘lightning in a bottle’ once again with Music City

music city group photo - The Hills developer states he discovered 'lightning in a bottle' once again with Music City

If you’ve been seeking to fill the Hills– sized hole left in your TELEVISION seeing schedule considering that the MTV series ended in 2010, developer Adam DiVello is hoping he’s discovered your replacement.

Set in Nashville, Music City follows a group of pals in their late 20 s pursuing their dreams and browsing relationships. In the very first episode, we fulfill Rachyl, the program’s storyteller (read: this variation’s more fully grown Lauren Conrad), who put her profession and enthusiasms aside to support other half Kerry and his growing c and w profession. The cast is completed with Jessica, a vocalist who’s been conserving herself for “the one” and starts dating spin trainer Jackson, along with emotional vocalist Alisa, an L.A. local likewise pursuing music and love in the Southern city.

“They’re all trying to get that goal of eventually reaching stardom, and I think it’s a great town; it’s a great place to start,” DiVello informs EW.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where did the concept for Music City originated from?
My concept with this constantly begun with the scripted program Nashville When it was on ABC, and I was such a substantial fan of that program. Then it visited CMT. When it was on ABC, I was attempting to put together a truth variation of Nashville back. I had a general handle Lionsgate … They produced Nashville, and I stated, “Please, let me go do a reality version of this.” I enjoy doing these in aspirational cities and aspirational places like The Hills in L.A. and Laguna Beach and The City in New York City. Music City, Nashville, was simply the next ideal city, I believe, to do it in.

How did you set about casting?
There are a million manner ins which we might have approached this. We might have approached all recording artists that are currently signed and currently have offers, that are residing in estates, and revealing exactly what it resembled to be abundant and living here. I believe, for me, the intriguing part of Nashville, the scripted series, was that they had the upstairs-downstairs with the Rayna Jaymes and [then] the more youthful cast that was living and having a hard time in cottages in a bad part of town. Which’s the part I wished to concentrate on. Who understands? Possibly we’ll end up getting a Rayna Jaymes-type on our program. Kelly Clarkson lives there now, so …

Who did you cast?
Kerry Degman was the very first individual we discovered. We began doing a lots of research study and we had actually encountered this picture. He remained in an advertisement for the Thompson Hotel. Due to the fact that I had actually done another job for Bravo about modeling in New York, and I remembered him from when he was a design in New York. We began with him. Then we brought his partner in … and they brought their little kid Wolfgang. And we simply fell for the entire household. We believed they were unbelievable.

Did you understand you ‘d desire Rachyl to be the primary focus immediately? Due to the fact that we could not get whatever we required out of the 2 of them with them both together,
We asked Rachyl to come back later on by herself. And she simply took a seat, and she goes, “I’m going to be quite honest with you, I have absolutely no filter. I just say everything I’m feeling.” And I believe at that minute, we’re all similar to, “This is going to be perfect.” So she simply informed all of us about their life and how she truly didn’t wish to move [to Nashville] and she followed [Kerry] and all the struggling she was going through. When we discovered Lauren and Steven and Kristen [and it’s kind of like on Laguna Beach] When you discover that and you have that as the basis of your story, it’s like lightning in a bottle. Then from there we simply asked who their pals are and who they socialize with and who else remains in their circle. Everyone else simply formed from there.

The voiceover provides it Laguna vibes.
We went back and forth with it a lot. We spoke about not having any voiceover at the top. We spoke about having some 3rd individual that you didn’t understand who it was. We spoke about having somebody perhaps popular, like a Taylor Swift. Or someone [with] an extremely Gossip Girl sort of ambiance. I believe at the end of the day, out of the whole cast, Rachyl’s the only one who’s not an artist. She’s the only one not there going after a dream. Her dream was to go law school and to complete and to be an attorney. We felt like if you’re getting in into this world, why not get in into it with Rachyl, who’s kind of there along with us?

What can you inform us about the remainder of the cast?
Some of the cast is transplants from other locations, then we discovered Jackson who we’re all such big fans of. And his cousin Alexandra is fantastic. Jackson and Alexandra are from Nashville and … they simply reside in a more recognized part. We didn’t understand Alexandra at all till Jackson informed us about his cousin and he stated, “She’s running for Miss Tennessee,” which we’re all like, “All right, this is too good to be true.” So we go to the pageant and we follow in addition to Alexandra all the method, and it’s an extremely, really unexpected ending.

Give us a tease for the remainder of the season.
Their stakes are truly high and, and the choices that they make impact whatever. Rachyl’s going to be with a choice on whether she wishes to remain there or whether she wishes to go off to law school since Kerry does take a trip increasingly more for music. And you fulfill some brand-new characters along the method … and you’re visiting some fledgling relationships within the cast that no one, I believe, anticipated. It’s an amazing roller rollercoaster. We did 8 half-hours and I’m so pleased with all them. I believe they’re simply so much enjoyable and I hope the audience believes so.

Music City airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CMT. Enjoy a preview of the next episode up top.

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