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Warning: This post includes spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of The Magicians Check out at your very own threat!

After teasing us with musical numbers occasionally in the very first 2 seasons, The Magicians lastly went there with Wednesday’s episode, “All That Josh,” which included not one, not 2, however 4 song-and-dance regimens.

In the episode, the current part of the mission for 7 secrets carries Quentin (Jason Ralph), Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley), and Kady (Jade Tailor) to a pocket world where they discover Josh (Trevor Einhorn)– who has actually been significantly missing for the previous couple of episodes– having the time of his life in a land where the celebration never ever stops (actually). It ends up a devil has actually caught him in this world, where there are alarming repercussions if you stop having fun or eliminate the excellent vibes.

So the trio not just need to discover the next secret, however they need to likewise persuade Josh, who’s truly disturbed that none observed he vanished, to return house with them. That’s when Quentin understands the only method for them to leave is to collaborate, since they plainly forgot the mission was expected to be a synergy and Josh belongs to the group. Utilizing the freshly gotten secret, which connects all their minds together– consisting of Penny (Arjun Gupta), Julia (Stella Maeve), Eliot (Hale Appleman), and Margo (Summer Bishil), all whom are on the outdoors– the characters join for a cross-world performance of “Under Pressure,” which releases them from the pocket world.

In addition to the David Bowie and Freddie Mercury number, we had 3 other efficiencies: Tailor carried out a saucy erotic dance to “All I Need Is the Boy,” a hardly ever heard variation of the tune “All I Need Is the Girl” from Gypsy with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and Einhorn sang Clooney’s “Wham Bam” as he made his grand entryway, in addition to the disco tune “Car Wash.”

With 4 musical numbers, this was certainly among the Syfy drama’s most enthusiastic episodes. EW gotten on the phone with executive manufacturers John McNamara and Sera Gamble to talk about how they composed it, how they picked the tunes, and exactly what’s next on the series. Continue reading listed below!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In approaching the episode with many musical numbers, where do you begin– with the tunes or the story?
JOHN MCNAMARA: God, I want it was that linear. [ Laughs]
SERA GAMBLE: John, I remember you speaking about the David Bowie tune, like, the previous season. Am I remembering this right, that you sort of had this image in your head of everyone singing that tune long prior to we got to this episode?
MCNAMARA: Yeah, I believe the music was. I believe it was a much looser, even lighter, less enormous plot. In the beginning, the style was practically going to resemble a singing contest where there are high stakes to be lost. That didn’t actually hold water, it simply didn’t appear to work. [We realized] it needed to being in the serialized story of the program, it needed to have to do with the mission, it needed to have to do with something and somebody you actually appreciated, and it needed to likewise serve numerous continuous threads that had absolutely nothing to do with this musical pocket universe. That simply took a great deal of experimentation. This was among those episodes– you have one every season– where the regular episode will take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to break the story, get all the beats on the board, and my recollection is this took 6 weeks. It stopped the [writers’] space. It actually stopped all forward momentum. We ‘d been on schedule with our other scripts and we kind of prepared out. This was the knot to untangle at the end of the 2nd third of the season. All hands were on deck. I provide a great deal of credit (or blame, depending) to my 2 co-writers Jay Gard and Alex Raiman. This was their launching expert script.

For me, among the advancements– which thankfully took place while I ran out the space, so it wasn’t my concept, however I instantly authorized it– was the concept that it was a universe where there threatened repercussions if you didn’t act precisely the method the leader, Todd/the satanic force, desired you to act. That was an actually essential development, I believe, for all the authors since it offered it a great deal of bottom. It wasn’t simply going to resemble jazz hands.

Eric Milner/Syfy

When I got to this episode, I was shocked that it ended up being about the group joining. How did you arrive at taking it because particular instructions, where it’s about Josh sensation overlooked?
MCNAMARA: Part of it was simply a mishap. We recognized we had not had Josh in a lot of episodes. He sort of got bumped from a block of episodes through no fault of his own, simply that we have a great deal of characters and a great deal of plot, which in such a way felt fortuitous, that you might then make the program about exactly what took place to Josh.
GAMBLE: Whether or not the episode we’re dealing with occurs to have half a lots musical numbers in it, we are constantly playing within the structure of a timeless fairy-tale mission this season. Quentin specifically is extremely, extremely cognizant of how these impressive quests work and how each action of the mission challenges the quester in a various method. From the start in this case, the mission has actually been a group effort, when Eliot is provided the mission in the very first episode, he’s both urged and cautioned by the truth that everyone belongs to one whole, which suggests that these various secrets, as you aim to get them, will challenge you in various methods. That’s an issue for the mission if they’re a group and they forgot Josh. That was actually one of the very first things that we might sink our teeth into. Unlike John, I actually do not have a brain for musical comedy. There are a great deal of hilariously ardent musical comedy fans in The Magicians authors’ space, as you can inform, beginning with John, and I am not one of them. I am sort of the bad-tempered individual in the corner who’s drinking coffee and stating, “Explain to me how this would work if no one was singing.”

You had “Under Pressure” in the back of you moving towards a while, however how did you choose the other 3 tunes for the episode?
MCNAMARA: We understood the opening number would need to reestablish Josh in a huge method. It would need to be a huge, inexplicably well-choreographed number that informs you why he’s so pleased to be here, how incorporated he enjoys this universe. The dance informs you something nonverbally about the character and the world: He is the center of this entire little universe. He’s the diva, he’s the prima ballerina, and Todd is sort of his enabler, and we later on find out why. That to me seemed like we required something positive and huge and party-ish. We paid attention to a great deal of tunes, I cannot keep in mind the titles of all them. A few of them were popular and remarkably costly, and the tune “Wham Bam” I believed was actually memorable and a great deal of enjoyable. I believed it resembled a great intro. It then offered Alice, Quentin, and Kady something to gaze incomprehensibly at.

Another [type of musical number] that I’m extremely keen on is cabaret, where the majority of the musical numbers happen on a phase, so that you’re seeing a character carry out for an audience that isn’t really the audience in the theater, it’s the audience of the Kit Kat Klub, and character and scene are exposed through a little bit more of a sideways method. On the surface area, it’s not as exposing of character, however if you do it right, it’s extremely revealing of character. That notified the choice to have Kady sing her tune. All I learnt about that tune early on was I desired it to be a Sondheim tune, since I like his work and I believe it’s actually smart and it constantly has layers to it, and I understood that it needed to be a torch tune since I had an impulse early on that we do a sort of traditional Mata Hari move in which she would do something outrageous to sidetrack all these animals, and mollify and captivate them while our heroes were off doing something wicked upstairs with Josh. I believed the [“All I Need Is the Boy”] lyrics were simply as excellent if not much better than “All I Need Is the Girl,” which has respectable lyrics. I believed that’s the best torch tune and certainly for our actually hardcore musical comedy connoisseurs, who might number in single digits, it’s sort of a reward to hear exactly what is sort of, for 99% of the world, a brand name brand-new Stephen Sondheim lyric and, in my viewpoint, does not dissatisfy when you desire cleverness, feeling, and a not-sentimental feeling and depth from Sondheim.

Then I pertained to find with Sera, Jay, and Alex was now we need to discuss why it is Kady would decide to sing this tune and do an erotic dance. We believed, well, her mommy, who we satisfied in season 1 and was a bit of complimentary spirit, may have had a year where she chose to be a stripper and perhaps she did this burlesque number and Kady remembers it and recreates the gown. Without always planning to, all of a sudden the number and the tune and the minute as well as the thriller it develops all lights up Kady’s character to a higher degree.

“Car Wash” was simply that we desired something enjoyable for Josh to utilize to sidetrack, however likewise to gradually expose to him how empty and recurring this life has actually ended up being and how incorrect it is. I believed disco was a respectable path to obtain to the death of the soul. You’re going to see the vacuum of it if you’re simply doing disco for months and months and months. As I stated, “Under Pressure” was constantly in the back of my head prior to there was anything like a story as something that 8 characters might sing as we intercut in between their different worlds and their different issues. None people began understanding how or why. That was simply constantly on the board as the huge number. In a strange method, the just one that we prepared ahead of time was “Under Pressure.” Everything else was sort of experimentation, and chosen to either light up character or move the story forward.

Eric Milner/Syfy

Can you tease exactly what’s turning up in episode 10?
GAMBLE: I believe it’s an understatement ot state there’s a lot developing the faeries, and I’m simply extremely thrilled for individuals to see Candice Cayne’s work turning up in upcoming episodes. I seem like we’ve had her all season and you’ve seen a glance of exactly what she can do, however you’ll actually get to see exactly what she can do as a starlet in episodes turning up quickly.

At the end of the episode, the satanic force exposes that he did this as a favor to somebody who was encouraged the gang would have the ability to complimentary Josh. Will we learn who lagged this little experience?
MCNAMARA: Yes, you’ll learn who it was, who created the mission, and who the satanic force did the favor for.

Is it somebody we’ve satisfied prior to?
GAMBLE: It’s somebody you’ve been finding out about. I’ll leave it at that, however it’s somebody extremely substantial for the season.

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

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