The ‘Masters of the Universe’ Director Hunt Is on … Again

he man masters of the universe battlecat - The ‘Masters of the Universe’ Director Hunt Is on ... Again


The curse of the Masters of deep space motion picture continues and Sony Pictures’ He-Man motion picture is on the hunt for a director yet once again. Blade: Trinity helmer and DCEU scribe David S. Goyer had actually remained in talks with the studio to direct the Masters of deep space motion picture, however Variety reports that the filmmaker and film writer left of discussions due to other dedications.

The live-action adjustment of the popular dream experience animation has actually remained in advancement for many years now, with lots of fumbles along the method. Warner Bros. dropped the home in 2009, when Sony selected it up and hired Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson Next up was G.I. Joe: Retaliation filmmaker Jon M. Chu After that model of the movie broke down and Sony put the script through a series of rewrites up until The Babysitter helmer McG came on board. Rinse, repeat. McG dropped off the job, Sony brought on Goyer to take over scripting responsibilities and supposedly turned in a draft that delighted the studio so much they hoped to encourage him to takin directing responsibilities.


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Goyer is poised to remain included with Masters of deep space as film writer and executive manufacturer, however the filmmaker is presently hard at work on Foundation, a mini-series adjustment of Isaac Asimov‘s seminal science-fiction trilogy. Goyer won’ t have the ability to manage both jobs, particularly because Sony revealed a December 18, 2019 release date for Masters of deep space Range keeps in mind that prior to Goyer dropped off the job, Sony was preparing to speak with stars and they’re presently consulting with other prospects for the directing gig in the hopes of making the 2019 release date.

It will be fascinating to see who the studio sets their sights on next for the long-developed job. Far, the throughline in between their favored directors has actually been a shared filmography of crowd-pleasing popcorn movie theater, so it appears that’s the opportunity they have in mind for the movie– fitting for a legendary dream motivated by a Mattel toy line and classic kids’s animation.

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