The Only Thing I Know About Figure Skating Is That Adam Rippon Was Robbed

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The level of my understanding of competitive skating originates from the Fox Family channel movie Ice Angel, where a male hockey gamer is and passes away reincarnated as a figure skater (played by The Nanny‘s Nicholle Tom) who should win an Olympic gold medal, for some factor. Primarily, this movie taught me that gender was not well comprehended in the year 2000, however I still think, based upon the extremely restricted info I obtained from it about figure skating, that Adam Rippon simply got screwed.

On Sunday, Rippon made his Olympic launching in the figure skating group’s male totally free skate. He performed exactly what, to my inexperienced eyes, seemed an almost ideal regimen, the only defect which was that he did a few of it to Coldplay. It was lovely. It was amazing. It was spectacular. It made Coldplay almost manageable. But, his efficiency ranked 3rd. It ranked listed below 2 individuals who fell WHAT.

Rippon’s efficiency scored listed below that of Canadian rival Patrick Chan and that of Russian skater Mikhail Kolyada, although both of those guys fell. The Internet is baffled. Tara Lipinski (who was likewise in Ice Angel, FYI) was likewise baffled. “I don’t know what performance the judges were watching,” she stated. I actually comprehend none of this, however I. Am. Livid. OFFER THIS MAN A GODDAMN MEDAL.


It appears there is, in reality, a “reason” Rippon was not right away brought onto the ice by small medal-bearing penguins (which is something I presume takes place in competitive skating.) Inning Accordance With USA Today’s extremely beneficial skating explainer site, Rippon scored lower than the 2 unfortunate, careless fallers (JK I make sure they were excellent, however I do not know anything!!!!) since he didn’t try something called a “quad,” which is a figure skating dive with a minimum of 4 rotations.

Olympic judges reward skaters who attempt harder relocations, even if they stop working, and given that Chan did 2 quads, Kolyada attempted to do 3, and Rippon did absolutely no, they were scored appropriately. It’s sort of like how my high school assistance therapist informed me I ‘d enter a much better college if I did badly in a more difficult mathematics class than well in a much easier one, though he without delay altered his mind when I got a C, so. Mathematics is hard.

Anyway, Rippon states he’s still “so proud” to be on the Olympic group, and the United States group got a good points improve thanks to Mirai Nagasu’s history-making triple axel, so whatever is FINE, I believe. Now please enjoy this trailer for Ice Angel:


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