The Very Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

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Last Updated: February 6th

The component that many audiences have the tendency to gravitate towards when it concerns documentaries is the essence of reality that a person obtains from the assemblages of historic video, pictures, talking heads, pre-recorded audio, and series of physical trip or basic quotidian jobs. There’s an indisputable sensation of credibility even when you’re viewing something plainly prejudiced, such as a Michael Moore joint. Even in cases where the movie’s total focus is narrowed to fit a pre-conceived story, there’s an apparent sensation of intimacy, of being let into a filmmaker’s brain for a fast flash. In utilizing bits of the real life, in a range of kinds, fantastic documentaries utilize pictures of universal, familiar presence to impart something enormously individual, even intimate.


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As useful and amusing as he can be, Moore’s design template of sardonic political outrage is definitely not the only (or most rewarding) method to get in touch with an audience.

And yet, all these movies stay under this exact same rubric, and Netflix has an abundant of fantastic ones that passes well beyond the abovementioned, necessary titles. Here are the very best documentaries presently on the streaming giant.

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