There’s No Monopoly on ‘Gamers Going To Play’ State Taylor Swift’s Legal representatives

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Taylor Swift‘s legal group would like a suit versus the vocalist, declaring she duped a 2001 tune called “Playas Gon’ Play,” to be dismissed, TMZ reported on Wednesday.

TMZ initially reported on the claim back in September, when songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler stated that Swift took lyrics from “Playas Gon’ Play,” which struck #81 on Billboard Hot 100 when it was taped by pop group 3LW, to provide her 2014 hit “Shake It Off.”

The chorus of Swift’s tune goes: “Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play / And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.”

The chorus of 3LW’s: “Playas, they gonna play and haters, they gonna hate.”

Not different, and inning accordance with TMZ Butler and Hall have a lot of popular song cred, having actually dealt with artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Lionel Richie, Maroon 5, and Justin Bieber.


But now Swift’s legal group is supposedly arguing that the expression is too brief to call for any legal defenses, and informed TMZ that Butler and Hall cannot “monopolize the idea that players will play and haters will hate.”

You understand exactly what they state: Players going to play, and haters going to [REDACTED].


All indications indicate a Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder crossover episode in the making!


A theory.

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