These Activists Are Registering Voters At Black Panther Showings

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Image from The Electoral Justice Project

Rock the vote? Wakanda the vote.

That’s the concept behind, well, #wakandathevote, a program from the Electoral Justice Project, an arm of the Movement for Black Lives company that intends to combat for the rights of black Americans. Now, the EJP, led by Kayla Reed, Jessica Byrd, and Rukia Lumumba, is utilizing the chance provided by Black Panther to sign up black citizens.

“This weekend we wanted to meet our people in Wakanda,” Byrd and Reed strong “We know that for some it’s a superhero movie, but we know that the world we deserve is still waiting to be built — and we want to build it! This upcoming spring and November 2018 midterm elections are an important step in building that new world, and we want to take every opportunity to engage our communities in the conversation of electoral justice.”

According to Byrd and Reed, their project got assistance from over a thousand individuals in their preliminary launch, which the project has actually been integrating in anticipation of this weekend. And the hashtag, #wakandathevote, readies evidence of that, filled with discussions, images, and enjoyment from employees and Black Panther fans all over the nation.



The program likewise has aspects for those who have not gotten a possibility to obtain out to see the movie: if you text 91990 with the word Wakanda, the EJP will assist you sign up to vote.

Personally, I’ve been so delighted this weekend to see the reaction from fans, activists, and, well, nearly everybody to Black Panther this weekend. It’s a fun time for fandom, and for superheroes (and kings) like T’Challa doing great in their worlds and in the real life.



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