This Writer Exposing #MeToo in the Music Industry Isn’t Your Hero

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Bob Lefsetz, a previous home entertainment attorney, has actually been composing the Lefsetz Letter for over a years now. Generally a quite inside-baseball view of the music market with analysis, evaluations, and awards reveal chatter, the Lefsetz Letter has actually gotten significantly more direct exposure in current months since of the number of females and guys are sending confidential accusations of harassment to it.

In January, Lefsetz flowed a connect to an open letter directed at Republic Records executive Charlie Walk composed by Tristan Coopersmith, a previous colleague who declared sexual misbehavior. Stroll was put on leave by Republic and Lefsetz is now dealing with legal risks for passing along the connect to his readers. Readers continued to send out Lefsetz e-mails declaring other misbehavior from Walk along with other anecdotes, confidential or not, of unwanted sexual advances in the market, which Lefsetz then flowed through the newsletter.

In action, The Daily Beast released a radiant piece on Lefsetz’s work exposing sexual misbehavior in the market. It frames Lefsetz’s letter as the “first place” for females in the music market to share their stories (in spite of the truth that a number of other outlets have actually likewise been covering the subject). “Bob is like an accidental hero,” guitar player Paula Franceschi informs the outlet. “He’s the kind of example we need out there, men stepping up for women.” But there’s no reference in the piece of that, for many years, Lefsetz has actually regularly composed sexist declarations about females’s bodies in manner ins which definitely oppose the representation of him as “an accidental hero.”

Lefsetz is the very same author who saw Beyoncé carry out at the 2013 Super Bowl and mentioned that he wasn’t sure exactly what to do later on, “join a gym or masturbate.” He’s the very same critic who ensured readers that if they wished to “get laid” they must go to a One Direction program. “An endless sea of barely pubescent girls, screaming their heads off,” he composed. Since “it was the only thing that had me watching, who was the girl with the perfect breasts?”

, he committed a whole letter to Emily Ratajkowski’s cameo in the “Blurred Lines” video.


In action to Gwen Stefani’s solo turn, the “photos alone make you want to puke.” About Adele: “I seriously doubt she can make it big here in America. Because she’s FAT!” he composed in 2008, elaborating that in America it’s everything about looks. By 2011, he appeared to come around to her more after attending her efficiency at the Greek Theatre. “First of all she’s young. That’s what struck me,” he composed. “She was a twentysomething with an unlined face. And she’s no longer fat.” And obviously we cannot forget that Taylor Swift’s “Mean” is reported to be about Lefsetz, who as soon as composed that she cannot sing.

But Lefsetz is more than simply a guy who regularly appears to blog about females with bulging, randy animation eyes. He has actually likewise composed some quite troubling viewpoints on the subject of sexual attack and harassment, which are more complicated provided how fast he is to release and distribute the stories he does now. Consider his 2016 post on the Kesha and Dr. Luke claim. He starts his letter:

I’m happy Dr. Luke lastly spoke out, since each male in America hesitates to.

That’s the nation we now reside in. One where guys are guilty up until tested innocent and they’re all rapists under their skin, in spite of even the “New York Times” stating that many rapes are violent criminal offenses committed by the very same people.


And while Lefsetz does compose that Kesha might be informing the reality, he consists of that it’s “sad” that her case is being attempted beyond court. “Once again, a case is being tried in the press, on Twitter,” he composes. “And with a media that refuses to render an opinion, unless it’s in support of an agenda, and nobody supports rape as an agenda, the words of celebrities and those who yell loudest trump truth.”

Then there’s his relatively current post from October 2017, when the Weinstein accusations dropped. He composes that Weinstein wishes to be a rock star with a deep requirement for power and females that rehab cannot repair. He likewise appears to recommend that females are maybe part of the issue too, composing:


And the problem is females are brought in to power. They state they desire a soft, delicate person, however this is false, they choose somebody rough around the edges, somebody various from them, evidencing testosterone. And you can argue with me all you desire, however the relationship specialist Esther Perel concurs with me, it’s difficult to state the politically inaccurate thing.


What is Lefsetz aiming to state about the females who want guys who are “rough around the edges”? That they’re asking for it? Compare these declarations to a February 2018 letter where Lefsetz backs a New York Times op-ed on how #MeToo achieves exactly what the law cannot which even if females are sexualized does not indicate they are “giving license to be taken advantage of.”

Those who experience unwanted sexual advances and misbehavior must select how they want to share their stories, anonymously or not, in online forums and publications they feel comfy with. And since of how frustratingly nontransparent the music market has actually remained in regards to responding to and aiming to repair issues of sexual misbehavior in music occupations, it’s excellent that these stories are emerging anywhere.

But I would be quicker to praise Lefsetz’s obvious turn of viewpoint in concerns to females’s sexuality and the validity of their stories if it didn’t fall nicely in line with the kind of composing that is considered as distinguished today. Given that the intro of #MeToo publications have actually rushed to cover sexual attack and harassment in their markets, in some cases without appropriate journalistic procedure. Guy who’ve never ever even discussed sexism in their markets pat themselves on the back for their tough work. Outlets extol how viral their stories about rape go and stories of attack accusations are promoted sensationally as “EXCLUSIVES” for outlets.


Lefsetz composed in a current letter, “nobody is listening to these women.” But I’m not exactly sure if, for the majority of his profession, he’s been listening, either.

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