Tom Brady Eats His First Strawberry and Chugs a Beer With Stephen Colbert

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Eighteen months earlier, Tom Brady made a confession: he had actually never ever attempted a strawberry. Like, ever “I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life,” he informed New York “I have no desire to do that.”

The professional athlete, who would later on release a book about his holistic way of life, never ever discussed his hostility to the berry. When he appeared on CBS’ The Late Show Monday night, Stephen Colbert desired to challenge the New England Patriots gamer to broaden his taste buds and attempt one.

Brady, who registers for his own TB12 Method, was at first suspicious– however Colbert wasn’t ready to let him leave taking a bite. “My manufacturer informs me that you stated to him, ‘I dislike strawberries.’ You hate strawberries. You likewise informed New York publication last year, ‘I have actually never ever consumed a strawberry in my life.’ Which is it, Tom?” he asked. “Do you hate strawberries?”

Brady kept he has “never” consumed a strawberry, clarifying that he dislikes the method they “smell.” After some more coaxing, Brady took a bite and chose it was “not that bad”.

“I did it,” he stated, making a sour face. “Mom, are you proud of me? After all these years…”

Brady confessed he “had the worst diet” in his youth, and he “rarely” beverages beer now that he’s embraced a much healthier way of life. To his surprise, Colbert had 2 pints ready. “I was a pretty good beer chugger back in the day,” the quarterback stated. “Are we competing or are we just…?”

“I don’t know if you’re a competitive guy,” Colbert joked in reaction.

To discover who won the beer downing competitors, view the video now.

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