Trump Called Elephant Trophy Hunting A ‘Horror Show’– But Now He’s Lifting The Ban Anyway!

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He was currently ranked as the worst U.S. president ever in a Presidents’ Day study, however Donald Trump will not enjoy till he’s batting a thousand.

You might remember in 2015 Trump’s Secretary of State, Ryan Zinke, was intending on reversing the Obama administration restriction on bringing huge video game prizes back from Africa into the United States.

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And yes, by “trophies” of bonteboks, lions, and elephants, we imply severed heads, tusks, and tails– like the one Donald Trump Jr. is holding (above).

But the POTUS really altered his mind on that after public protest, calling the practice a “horror show” on Twitter at the time, stating:

That was less than 4 months earlier.

But much more just recently Trump was patting himself on the back for the choice. As he informed Piers Morgan because notorious interview in January:

“I changed it. I didn’t want elephants killed and stuffed and have the tusks brought back into this… That was done by a very high level government person. As soon as I heard about it, I turned it around that same day.”

But recently, in an official memo silently revealed to the general public on Friday (when they discard details they do not desire anybody to see), the administration chose to raise the restriction after all and choose each prize on a case-by-case basis.

So either the POTUS has no control over his federal government or he’s unexpectedly OKAY with the scary.

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And hi– if, like the other day’s Donald Trump you believe the conservationism argument is bullshit and this is all for the advantage of abundant assholes who like to murder animals– you’re!

Don Jr., who together with his sibling Eric likes to eliminate animals, was the one who informed his papa to select Zinke in the very first location * due to the fact that * of the searching, as was reported simply after the election.

This isn’t really about preservation. It’s about this:

[ Image by means of Ron Sachs/CNP/Matthias Toedt/dpa Zentralbild/ZB/ Media Punch]

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