Trump Now Asking His Billionaire Mar-a-Lago Buddies If He Should Do Something About Gun Control

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One of the most enjoyable parts of Trump being president is what does it cost? impact uninformed billionaires have more than life-or-death matters like health care, diplomacy, the environment, migration, taxes, social services– you call it, abundant individuals who do not truly offer a shit control it. Much of that impact originates from folks Trump’s in fact set up in the White House, however occasionally it appears the President relies on, state, Barry Billionaire in the E.F. Hutton Suite at Mar-a-Lago, and asks, “Hey Barry, what do you think I should do about North Korea? Nuke it, or nah?” That precise discussion most likely hasn’t happened (yet!), however thinking about a current report that Trump surveyed Mar-a-Lago visitors to see if he needs to act upon weapon control, it’s truly simply a matter of time.

Indeed, on Sunday the Washington Post released a long story on Trump’s newest little Twitter disaster at his Mar-a-Lago resort re: the Russia probe, and surprise someplace amidst the tweet-screaming and the supposed sex affairs was this little nugget:

The president likewise surveyed Mar-a-Lago Club members about whether he should promote weapon control procedures in the wake of recently’s school massacre in close-by Parkland, informing them that he was carefully keeping track of the media looks by a few of the enduring trainees, inning accordance with individuals who talked to him there.

While I’m sure there are individuals vacationing in West Palm Beach with strong viewpoints on weapon control, it appears simply a little worrying that the President of the United States is asking his hotel visitors for guidance on among the most important policy concerns of our time. I expect am thankful Trump is at least thinking about supporting more stringent weapon control procedures, considering he’s invested more time grumbling about how unjust the mean FBI is to him than attending to the 17 lives lost in Parkland recently, however I am not persuaded a roomful of individuals who pay numerous countless dollars to see Trump consume overcooked steak will assist trigger any significant modification.

Note that Trump supposedly when asked his hotel visitors to assist him choose a Secretary of State, which didn’t work out for anybody.

In other news, WaPo states Trump invested the weekend “watching cable news, venting to friends about the Russia investigation and complaining that it has been driving so much press coverage.” I am tired.

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