Veterinarian Soothes 10-Foot Tall, 1,400-Pound Bear!

UHJilzLkKGVF - Veterinarian Soothes 10-Foot Tall, 1,400-Pound Bear!

Video captures the candy second caretaker Jim Kowalczik comforted 24-year-old Kodiak bear Jimbo, who was feeling in poor health on February 5. The footage was taken on the Orphaned Wildlife Middle in Otisville, New York.A veterinarian was referred to as to look at the 10-foot tall, 1,400-pound bear, who was affected by an unknown sickness. The bear was left feeling uncomfortable and agitated after the go to and his caretaker determined to indicate him “some extra love.”The animal has been on the wildlife heart since he was a cub, attributable to accidents which left him unable to be returned to the wild. Credit score: Orphaned Wildlife Middle by way of Storyful. Posted By PSmooth

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